Why Parent Should be Passionate about Immersive Learning

VR Glasses

Improving Motivation for Academic Achievement 

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the educational system. Loss learning continues as schools across the nation resort to temporary shutdowns to curtain the surge in covid-19 variants. The end of this pandemic upheaval seems to be nowhere in sight.   


Parents are frustrated because children are often distracted and bored at home during zoom learning sessions. 


However, the answer to these problems may be found in a separate reality. Thousands of parents and teachers have found hope in immersive learning, an approach using Virtual Reality to engage students and drive academic achievement.  

Real World Scenario 


According to STRIVR, A leading company in “Immersive Learning or Virtual Reality training simulates real-world scenarios …in a safe and engaging environment. 


The integration of learning theory, data science, and spatial design with the technology of virtual reality has created a methodology of learning that is fun, exciting, and highly effective. Children engaged in virtual instruction feel that they are in a real-world scenario. 


Making education fun and exciting is at the heart of immersive learning. Traditional classroom instructions are becoming increasingly bored for most students whose attention span is minimum.


The impact of Immersive learning on the brain is extraordinary. Studies have shown for decades that the brain cannot tell the difference between virtue reality and natural reality. The same emotions-excitement, passion, a sense of pride-experience in virtual world can have a significant impact on memory and comprehension.


As a classroom teacher for over 25 years, I know that students learn the best when they are excited about a subject or project. Even students whose behavior is often on the edge turn their attention to highly interesting topics.


The value provided by immersive learning, especially in an American school system rocked by shutdowns and quarantines. This methodology of teaching provides value in several ways:

 Interactive Learning


Most students enjoy learning when they are out of their seats. When students can roam around the classroom and interact with their peers, learning is fun. That is exactly what immersive learning offers to the modern scholar.


Interactive with elements in the virtual world destroy the sense of boredom with learning and inspire students to academic achievement.


Academic Readiness

Students who experience learning in virtue worlds have an advantage over students who are only exposed to zoom classes or those in-person, traditional learning.


Academic readiness will be one of the chief advantages for students who engage in immersive learning methodologies.


Knowledge Retention


When learning is fun, students tend to retain more knowledge and ideas. For example, because children love the universal language of music, they can only learn a song with little effort. The repetition of the lyrics just in their mind and they begin to sing the song over and over to themselves.


Immersive Learning provides similar excitement in learning.




Confidence is children will go a long way in their academic success. Engaging in immersive Learning creates academic confidence in child. The foundational skills in English, Math, Science, and other essential skills are established in this wonderful program.


If interested in immersive learning for your child or classroom, Continue Here.



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