What to Do If Your Child is always getting kicked out of School?


School is a place where children come to learn, not only academics but also a place where character and good values are taught.  Teachers demonstrate tremendous patience when it comes to redirecting student behavior day in and day out.

But when a child is kicked out of school, he has most likely severely defied the directions of a teacher or seriously violated some red line set by the district or the administration. Bullying or threats to teachers or being found to possess a weapon are means for immediate suspension from school.

Many students who are often kicked out of school have no intentions of learning anything in the classroom. They’d rather play around or compete for the attention of their classmates. This lack of motivation rules or academics usually comes from not seeing the value of studying and obtaining knowledge.


A serious warning sign for parents is when their child is continually kicked out of school. A constant state of trouble and rebellion usually follow, both at school and at home. Sometimes the rebellion is so bad that a child must be removed from the home due to fostering an intimidation atmosphere.


Children who get kicked out of school need serious and immediate help. Professional help is most likely necessary if parents cannot handle the child themselves.  Enrolling the child into an alternative school or boot camp may be the last resort if there are no signs of positive change in behavior.

The most important thing is that a child must realize that he is appreciated and loved by his parents and all others who influence and shape his life.

Call to Awareness

Parents must not be afraid to release their rebellious children to professional help. It is better to give them a chance to change their attitudes and behavior than to see them in serious trouble with the law or locked up in prison for life.

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