What is Education? A Personal Perception


Education is the continuous acquisition of critical knowledge for living a progressive life. Without a good education in our careers, we will not be able to perform in it effectively.  Professional Knowingness comes via education. If we do not understand how the world works, we will live an ineffective life. An education teacher us how life works on many levels.

The more educated we are the more we can contribute new knowledge and theories to the expansion of our field of studies.

Advantages of an Education

The solution to an improved quality of life is an education. People who can read and write and understand what is happening in the world are more progressive then those who are illiterate and live day to day without any goals and skills.

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Special Privileges

People with a good education have an opportunity to experience financial security. When you have a career, you are most likely to feel financially secure. You have skills and knowledge that people, and organization need. You have privilege to some of the finer things in life. You can land a good job, buy a home, take care of a family, and invest in other forms of wealth generating activities.


In Charge

Those who have obtained a quality education are likely to be leaders in the world. Well-learned individuals know how to solve problems regarding their industries. They will know how to detect problems and lead companies out of the challenges that cripple organizations and cause massive failures.

Education is knowledge and, of course, knowledge is power if used effectively.

Responsibility of the Educated

To be educated is to have responsibility. Those who have gained knowledge should be dedicated to helping those who lack knowledge. Most of the time those who make a considerable degree of success in the world often forget about those who they left behind.

As a result, the division between the educated and the illiterate will grow larger and chaos will become an ever-growing factor.

Therefore, the educated must lead the way. They must look beyond themselves and see the needs of those who are in danger of becoming failures in life.

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Significance of Continuous Learning

Education is a lifestyle. Learning was ordained from the cradle to the grave. When a baby is born, it immediately starts learning about the world around it. It sees the light. It hears and learns how to recognize its mother’s voice. It learns, identifies, and repeats certain words. The education goes on and on.

Tools that Aid our Education: Schools, Colleges, Good Books,

The opportunity to continue our education abound. Elementary and high schools are the beginnings of systematic education. From Kindergarten to 12th grade we learn from significant others who help shape our perceptions and attitudes toward the world. We learn about people, cultures, history, and how the world works. We also learn how we, as unique human beings, have purpose and meaning for being here.

The solution to living an improved quality of life is a degree in higher education. To start pursuing a career, we can either attend a 2 year or 4-year college or university. A college degree centralizes our focus and performance in a particular industry.

Academic Greatness

We can choose to major in various fields, including business, accounting, healthcare, legal system, education, technology, or counseling. Whatever career we choose to pursue, we are committed to lifelong learning. Unless we stay on top of what is happening in our industry, we will be left behind, resulting in lost of skills and current knowledge.

Reading good books is proof that we are sincere about lifelong learning. People who read long after they have finished their systematic schooling become well-informed individuals who are capable leading and guiding others. Remember, knowledge is power. The more of it we acquire, the further we leave others behind who do not go beyond institutional learning.


The acquisition of knowledge is a necessity if we desire to be lifelong scholars. Desiring to be the best in what we do will go a long way in enabling us to contribute something new to our industries. If we are dedicated to excellence, we will never get tired of learning. We will do this for our students and those who follow us. Continuously learning is the hallmark of the truly educated.