The Responsive Teacher: What a Godsend

The responsive teacher is in absolute control of the classroom. She is efficient in lessoning planning, lesson presentations. She demands the highest academic quality from all her students. She also gives and receives respect.
When teachers are responsive they do several things very well.

Clear Vision

First, they have a clear vision for their classroom. They are not just teaching for a paycheck. At the end of a semester they expect a hug change in the academic performance, nature and behavior of each student. Each hour of teaching, each day of interaction during the school year is geared toward changing the mindset and motivation of the students.

Instills Quality

Second, a responsive teacher instills quality in her presentations. Each time she stands before the classroom, there is an objective for what she teaches and all the students know this. Random teaching is not a practice of a great educator. He or she makes sure that the student gets the best out of each subject taught. She assesses their learning before the end of each day.

Demands Attention

Third, a responsive teacher demands the attention of all her students when delivering the lesson. She will not take over any student. If a student cannot cooperate, he is given a warning or a consequence at that time, not later, when the deed has long faded away. From this strictness, the students learn to respect her.

Challenges Students

Fourth, great teachers don’t allow their students to just sat back and listen. Responsive teachers demands that all students participate in the discussions and learning. When student are actively participating in what’s going on in the classroom, it is an indication that learning is occurring. This is what separates great teachers from average teachers. No student is allowed to opt out of a period of learning.

Connect with Students

Fifth, a responsive teacher attempts to connect with each student on a personal basis. She feels if she can reach the student that way, the student will develop more trust toward her and will possess a willingness to give his education the best effort possible. Making student feel part of your family is the hallmark of building trust.

Allow for Fun

Sixth, students are allowed to have fun when a responsive teacher is in charge. When teachers are responsive, they sense the changing classroom. Since they are flexible, they know how to adapt their teaching approach to the vibrations of the moment. For instance, a great teacher is not afraid to temporarily drop the lesson plan and play a game or take the children outside for a period of relaxation from stress or mental fatigue. Responsive teachers know that somedays it is just hard to hold focus throughout an entire school day.

Fridays are usually the typical days when students and teachers reach a level of burnout and needs an extensive break from academic learning.

What makes a responsive teacher great is that she is always giving her attention to students. She notices their work, their emotions and their behavior. She redirects and corrects and applies consequences on a consistent basis. Her students are well aware of why she does what she does.

In order to be a responsive teacher, you must be competent and courageous. You cannot be afraid of what students may say or feel about you. Although you would like to be accepted, you cannot fall for the desire to be liked. Such desire is an immediate trap resulting in increasing compromise and negligence when it comes to controlling a classroom.

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