The Pivotal Role of Education in National Development

National Development

During their teaching careers, every educator should be aware of their part in promoting national development. Educators must realize that what is taught in the classroom will indirectly impact the development of our country for generations to come.

One aspect of national development is economic development, which means the capability to provide high wage jobs for citizens. Low wage jobs, which take little or no knowledge and skill to perform, will never take a nation to the status of power, leadership, and high-quality living.

According to BYJU’S, other aspects of effective National Development include:

  • Eradication of Poverty
  • Development or Rural Areas
  • Increasing Agricultural outputs
  • Handling of Growth in Urban Areas
  • Enlargement of Economic Knowledge

The advantages of national development are powerful. Great nations such as the United States, Russia and China have mastered the practice of national advancement. Citizens are equipped to find high paying careers and enjoy a high quality of living.

Programs for eliminating poverty are constantly launched and introduced into society. With the desire to be helped and a dedication to work hard, any person can raise his or her standard of living.

For great nations, the idea of national development is always a priority. Staying competitive and discovering better ways of living is the key to maintaining greatness.

The role of education in national development cannot be denied. Educators provide students with the knowledge, skills, and intellectual abilities to become valuable to the progressiveness of society. With a quality education students can make wise decisions, take responsibility for their lives, and become leaders in their communities and states.

Educators must continue to focus on the core subjects (STEAM) in which every student should obtain excellence. STEAM subjects include:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • English
  • Art
  • Math

Out of the five core subjects, the most important of them is the topic of English or Language. A thorough understanding of English is the beginning of success. Students must not how to read and write as well as study and do research. None of these activities are possible without the ability to read the English Language.

The understanding of science and technology require students to be able to comprehend what they read in the textbook. Without a degree of mastery of the English and reading a textbook is non other than a foreign language.

Nevertheless, when students are equipped in the knowledge of STEAM, they are ready to move on to higher education or even start a career if they so desire. They are ready to play their part in national development.

Empowerment: Teachers and Students

Both students and teachers should feel empowered. For educators, the awareness that you are playing a significant part in the success of the nation’s future, should provoke an excitement within each day they step into a classroom.

You are empowered to help guide them into a quality of life that is full of honor and integrity.

For students, the recognition that they are being prepared to take on responsibility and the leadership of a nation directly or indirectly should be a high-level honor.

The misconception that teachers don’t matter that much in the grand scheme of things is a mistake that governments would regret if teachers stopped teaching. The teacher is one of the chief cornerstones of national development in every nation.

We can see this in poor nations without an education system. Ignorance and poverty run rampant and keep the people worried about everyday survival instead of future progressiveness. Education will always be the solution the society that grows in leaps and bounds.

Success in National Development and Education go hand and hand.