The Pandemic and The Tragedy of Loss Learning in America

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The impact of the Covid-19 virus has taken a drastic toll on the American education system, an impact that could create lasting complications. The learning that was loss during the shutdowns and forced home schooling is staggering.  Academic amendment will be a challenge, but with a well-formed strategy the education industry can recover from this alarming setback.

When the pandemic hit early in 2021, the shutting down of the education system was expected to be brief, (at least a couple of weeks). However, the speed and the prevalence of the virus across American was so intense, schools and educational institutions remained closed for in person learning for the remainder of the school year.

The Virus Onslaught on the Education System

The initial response to the fierceness of the virus was to implement distance learning across the board. Students would stay home and be taught remotely. Educators resorted to technology such as zoom to instruct students from home.

Distance learning was intended to replace in person learning until the pandemic was over. Many expected the initiative to go well. No learning would be loss. However, as time went on, and in many cases, immediately, students and teachers begin to understand that nothing can substitute for in person learning.

Teachers experienced overwhelming pressure and stress attempting to teach students remotely. Management was limited. In the home environment, many students were distracted by his or her surroundings. Interruptions by siblings and unmindful parents in some cases resulted in poor student focus and academic productivity. It was hard to redirect students who were not in a classroom environment in which the teacher was the ultimate authority.

Motivation was also at an all-time low. Students who once achieved greatly in an in-class environment gradually saw their grades go down and the grade point average shrink to a disappointed low. Many students ending up losing hope and giving up.

Loss learning became an overwhelming problem. Thousands of students, especially in those in low performing schools, fell behind in every area of academics. This is a dire situation. Unless something is done to regain the schooling that was loss, the education system will suffer with students who are ill prepared for higher education.

The Return of In-Class Learning and Why Summer School is Necessary

Now that the education system has allowed students back in the classroom, the problem of loss learning can be tackled head on. Teachers have students back in the classroom with mandatory social distancing measures. Although the return to normalcy is not complete, the activity of in person learning is again a present reality.

However, this is not enough. Although students are learning again, loss learning is still a reality. The Key to restoring the learning that has been loss is to initiate full fledge summer programs across the country. Some may say that students need that summer vacation. But I would say to them that students will have a difficult time catching up academically if summer school is cancelled.

Summer school is necessary, considering what students recently went through. Many students were bored at home, not being able to be around peers was an unwilling sacrifice. According to studies, the motivation of most students diminished significantly.

What Summer School Should Include?

In summer school, educators should only concentrate on STEM subjects. These are the most significant academics. A weak foundation is in STEM courses will surely result in inferior preparations for any form of higher education, even the next grade level.

Summer school do not have to be boring. Educators should make it as fun as possible while yet meeting the requirements of the curriculum and expectations of administration. Outside activities and projects should be equally balanced with in class instructions.

Field trips should be planned, especially when it comes to learning science. Many outdoor science projects can be completed around the school grounds, especially if there are parks and wooded areas nearby.

Technology can also be used outside. Chrome books and notebooks are mobile, allowing students to take them to designated areas around the school.

Why Summer School Should be Mandatory?

Making summer school mandatory is a solution to restoring the loss learning that occurred over the pandemic. Students will be able to begin the 2021-2022 school year having regained a good portion of the loss learning back.

Without this consideration, for thousands of students across American, the impact of inadequate learning will hunt them in their college debuts, or any other higher learning. Regaining academic knowledge that has been loss is a serious matter.

Therefore, it is worth the sacrifice of summer 2021 to get our students on the right track and once again to an effective path to academic brilliance.

Returning to normalcy, academically, will take a collaborative effort both teachers and parents as well as the rest of the community. For the sake of our students and the betterment of the state of education, we all must sacrifice something.