The Importance of Quality Education in Society

Classroom instructions

A quality education is a necessity for preparing the next generation for maintaining a competitive and successful society. Educators must consider the quality of academic instruction a top priority if America is going to stay competitive with nations such as China and Russia.

The ideas that promote a quality education and a competitive society includes advancement in literacy as well as innovative technology, Scientific breakthroughs, artistic explosions, and an affinity for values that make American society a progressive entity among nations.


The ability to read and write for all Americans is a gigantic step in the right direction when it comes to a quality education. Teachers must guide students toward the mastery of literacy above all things else. High level reading and writing skills make it possible for research and study, resulting in the birth of new and innovative ideas and breakthroughs.

If a high school student cannot comprehend on a 4th grade reading level, our society is in trouble. Unfortunately, this has been the case in America for some time. Several programs, including “No Child Left Behind Act” has done little in closing the achievement gap.


During the shutdown resulting from the worldwide pandemic, an appreciation for technology became a reality that few can deny. Zoom classes took over in-person instructions.  But imagine if distance learning had not been an option. Imagine how much further behind American school children would have been if zoom technology and other social media channels never existed.

Students were able to do assignments on laptops or chrome books. Digital learning became a national commonality in a time when academic uncertainty was at an all time high.

Both parents and teachers where able to dive deeper into the possibilities of technology, giving birth to new and innovative strategies for years to come.

Scientific Breakthroughs

Medical cures, space explorations, environmental improvements, and intelligent responses to worldwide emergencies have only been possible due to scientific breakthroughs that have been discovered by people who desired to find out Why something is or is not as well as what can be done about it.

The worldwide pandemic placed a demand on science and science came through with an answer in the vaccines. Many other times in history science has responded to national and international emergencies that could have wiped out entire populations without reservation.

Overall, scientific discoveries have provided us with the wisdom and knowledge of how the world operates, not only the world, but the entire universe.

A quality education must include the teaching of science.

Artistic Explosions

The mystery of art intrigues all humanity. Therefore, the art of a nation is the expression and connectivity of that nations to all the world. Whether the art consists of paintings or other artistic expressions, our identity comes full circle.

Our ability to express ourselves in art indicates how much freedom we have as a nation. Other countries band certain arts, creating obstacles to complete expression. In some countries, the only art you see is that of the dictator who is holding captive the inhabitants.

The greatest artists have been those who have had the freedom to express themselves without punishment from the government.  They have left an eternal legacy for generations to come.

Affinity toward Transformative Values

The embracement of great values continually promotes a society. Character education should be included in every curriculum in schools across the United States. The ignorance of this necessity will result in students who have lost respect for every worthy endeavor.

Transformative values will guarantee respect, fairness, justice, support, diligence, forgiveness, growth, well-being, prosperity, and national progressiveness for all as a nation.

Degradable values will destroy the strength of any nation. It will become weak from the inside out and collapse in it moral and mental capacity to maintain leadership in the world.

Impact of a Quality Education

Providing students with a quality education in our schools will result in the most prosperous realties including personal success, strong households, great communities, and a progressive society with economic stability, national security, and outstanding leadership locally, and nationally.

Because great nations depend on the quality of education its citizens possess, educators must dedicate themselves to closing any gaps to academic excellence. The pandemic has resulted in a high level of learning loss, especially among low income or underprivileged students.

Therefore, the mission of School districts across the nation should be to implement strategies designed to get students up to and beyond the academic level that existed prior to the pandemic shutdown.

Teachers will need the following prerequisites to achieve a successful outcome:

  • Patience
  • Dedication
  • Compassion
  • Collaboration
  • Sufficient Resources

Instilling a quality education into students across America will not be easy. Patience and compassion will lead the way. The progressiveness in society will depend on the intelligence and leadership of the next generation and educators are obligated to make that a reality.