The Christian Educator: A Source for Divine Transformation

Christian education

A typical day in thousands of schools across America begins with a barrage of redirections along with constant chaos and confusion in the classroom. By the end of the day, most teachers are exhausted to the point of desiring to throw in the towel on the profession. However, an unacknowledged solution exists for such overwhelming upheaval: the Christian Educator.

The Christian educator has the power to transform an entire school. He or she sees beyond the natural boundaries of the student chaos and addresses the issue from a spiritual perspective. Instead of focusing exclusively on the students, the illuminated Christian teacher sees the demons that torment his students. Such divine ability is extremely important. The removal of the demons that drives the child toward defiance and rebellion will free the child from the need to be a troubled soul.

What gives the Christian educator the ability to set all his students free from the grip of rebellion and defiance is the abundance of favor and grace as well as spiritual dominion operating within that teacher. He is able to bless the lives of all his students by taking authority over the spirits that torment them. But this activity is certainly not performed openly in the modern classroom unless the school is founded on strong Christian principles. The Christian educator changes the environment of her classroom while offering devotion on her knees at home.

Divine Strategies for Classroom Transformation

Nevertheless, the Christian educator’s advantage over the secular minded teacher is the divine empowerment to transform an entire classroom into an oasis of true peace, safety and unity of learning. The favor and grace operating within the Christian teacher is greater than the raging chaos and confusion that may be stirring within her students.

In order to transform a classroom, the Christian educator must have a sacred belief system that is able to identify and destroy the kingdom of darkness operating within the classroom. The secular minded teacher looks at the negative behavior of the student and confuses it for the nature of the student. But the spiritually minded educator knows that the unethical behavior of the student is due to a demonic entity distorting the true nature of the student. Once the distortion is destroyed, the basic goodness of the student is revealed.

Weapons of Prayer

Along with a sacred belief system, the Christian educator must be skilled in using the weapon of prayer for divine empowerment. The act of prayer magnifies the power and authority within the teacher to do great works in the classroom. Prayer takes the consciousness of the educator to an entirely different dimension, resulting in the alteration of his or her surroundings. The diligent prayers of an educator for the deliverance and freedom of her students’ souls and spirits will empower her to transform a classroom into a community of peace and honor.

But diligent prayer is not only reserved for the students in the classroom. Prayers must also be offered for the homes in which those students live. The home environments of many students who are struggling with psychological, emotional and physical problems are a result of the chaotic nature of what is occurring in the home. Many students come from homes in which a number of abuses occur: psychological and emotional abuse, sexual and physical abuse and drugs and alcohol abuse, often leading to intimidation and violence.

Therefore, the Christian education must pray for the operation of peace and order in the homes of all her children. A peaceful home where kindness, love and attention dwells will go a long way in helping disruptive students make a profitable change in their perspective toward school and academic achievement.

The Power of Blessing

Another powerful strategy available for the Christian educator is the ability to bestow blessing upon her students. However, to bless someone is more than simply saying “God Bless You.” To truly bless means to have the power to invoke change in the lives of people by decreeing goodness into their lives. This divine activity is done via passionate faith. To bless a child is to speak eternal goodness in that child’s life in order to keep the powers of darkness from entrapping his or her soul. A good blessing will act as a shield against the objective of Satan’s kingdom to destroy the lives of young people. In biblical times, the old prophets blessed the lives of their children so that goodness and prosperity would follow their children for the remainder of their lives.

Beyond Ordinary

The Christian educator is more than an ordinary school teacher. She is a beacon of hope and a transformer of lives and an unsung hero for the progress and achievement in her school environment. In her classroom, once disruptive minded students will begin to operate with highly improved attitudes and behavior as well as accelerated quality of academics.