Teaching Credentials Vs. Passion and Personality

teaching credentials

Teaching credentials represent the knowledge,skills and expertise necessary to prepare students for 21st century living. To live a quality lifestyle in the 21st century, individuals must know how to read, write, communicate, solve problems, create newness, and respond effectively to the community, state and naturally issues.

When educators have their teaching credentials, the promise is that students will be equipped and empowered to lead a progressive lifestyle with the ability to take charge of matters dealing with home-life, workplace, school, and community.

The Promise

A teacher with credentials is supposed to go inside a classroom and provide each student with the maximum degree of knowledge for that grade level.

But do educators with teaching credentials really deliver on the promise which those credentials represent?  The answer is no.

teaching credentials

The Actual Reality

Being intellectually well-qualified to teach doesn’t guarantee that students will receive a quality education. Studies prove that having the right credentials isn’t an overwhelming factor in making a significant difference in the classroom.

Educators who receive Teacher of the Year Awards excel in passion and personality. The ability to engage students in a passionate and excitable manner will go a long way in getting students to see that learning can be fun and engaging.

Teachers who don’ have much personality and passion in the way of engaging and empowering students often have a tough time convincing student that education has a significant purpose in the world.

Many teachers who experience burnout usually don’t have or have lost the passion for making an emotional and intellectual difference in the classroom.

So, does Teaching credentials matter. Yes! But, so does inward qualities. To become an effective educator, you must have passion and personality as well. Without these two qualities, your credentials will only provide you with a mechanical approach to transforming the lives of 21st century students.

The Need for Teachers with Passion and Personality

A teacher who can bring creativity and excitement to a classroom will win the hearts and minds of today’s students. Students want teachers who allow them to be active and free to express their ideas and opinions. Students desire classrooms in which engagement and challenge are the order of teaching and instructions.

Without teachers who demonstrate excitement for education it is hard to imagine how students will develop a mindset for academic success. Positive energy is contagious. When teachers go the extra mile to make learning an exciting adventure, students also respond with confidence and productivity.

Teaching credentials are necessary, as far as knowledge and skill are concerned, but passion and personality are equally as important.

Are you ready to Shine and make a difference in the classroom?