Do Teachers Deserve Such Long Holidays?

long holidays

Teachers prepare, equip and guide students into the responsibilities of adulthood. The goal is to give students an appreication for knowledge, to inspire personal and professional growth leading to good citizenship, and to help promote greatness within a society. Without teachers, the forces of ignorance will prevail, and society would fall into a chaotic trance.

Therefore, teachers should have the privilege of enjoying long holidays; teachers truly deserve every day of their Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring breaks. Teaching can be exhausting, threatening and economically stressful, especially when you must lay aside a percentage of your income to purchase much needed classroom materials and supplies.

teaching credentials

A teacher can spend as much as $1,000 or more to buy things that are necessary to effectively teach and manage their classrooms.

Having been a teacher for over 20 years, I know exactly what its like to spend additional money when your school barely have enough resources to operate the building. I as well as other teachers had to design our own curriculum (based on state educational requirements) and purchase our own books. I know teachers who spent as much as $3,000.


Yes, teachers deserve such long holidays and more. Here are the reasons why?

Teaching is exhausting

In today’s classroom, teachers can get exhausted quickly. Having to balance between discipline and teacher can be very taxing on your energy. Sometimes the challenges of discipline students outweigh the ability to teach. According to students, many new teachers entering the profession quick within the first two years.

Some teachers feel threatened

I know teachers who feel downright threatened in their classrooms, especially in middles and high schools. They never know when a fight is going to break out in the classroom. Teachers have gotten hurt trying to separate students who are throwing a blow at each other.

In addition, I have seen teachers get beat up in the classroom or well as in the hallways. Some of these students even bring concealed weapons to school. As a teacher, you never know what the next hour is going to produce.

Low Salaries leading to financial stress

It can be quite discouraging when your whole paycheck is gone before you even get it in your hands. Many teachers live paycheck to paycheck.  Making ends meet is a drag. Combine this reality with coming to class and having to deal with students are determined to make your day as challenging as possible.

Therefore, who says teachers don’t deserve long holidays. Those in the field of education deserve long holidays and much more appreciation then they are currently getting from the government.

Breaks during the long holidays allow the teachers to recoup from stress, reflect on their career and enjoy time with their immediate family before retuning to the challenge of classroom management.

Teachers are vital to the progress of society. They are the means of educating the next generation and preparing them to take control of the world. That is a tall order.