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Help Your Child Find Joy in Mastering the Basics of Academics with Animated Games, Books, Art, Song, Puzzles and Printable

Do your child struggle with the same old boring traditional studying? Is his or her seatwork or homework often non-engaging or is it failing to capture attention?

They are not alone.

According to studies, thousands of children enter the classroom each day dreading non-engaging bookwork or boring sheetwork. Many students fall asleep during classroom presentations while others allow their minds to drift about the fun things they did over the weekend.

Discover the attention-getting Animations by ABCmouse.com. Your child will never look at studying the same again.   Instead, they will see learning as a delightful activity that you know will accelerate their education while providing fun at the same time.

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Imagine your child coming home from school so excited that he or she can’t wait to get started on their homework activities. This is exactly the type of experience offered by the ABCmouse.com Animation series.

The curriculum comprises numerous captivating, animated activities, with each activity dedicated to teaching a distinct learning objective. These animated videos captivate children’s attention as they delve into various topics, from Prospector Paul’s exploration of letter combinations to King Grammar’s insightful lessons on proper nouns to his village residents.

The program includes:


ABCmouse.com offers a wide array of enjoyable and engaging games, each meticulously crafted to impart a distinct educational principle.

Within these games, your child can embark on a journey to grasp the intricacies of the alphabet, acquire novel vocabulary, explore the realm of numbers and shapes, and even delve into the mysteries of the cosmos.

Given that all the games showcased on the platform come with narrated guidance, they are effortlessly accessible for even the youngest of learners, ensuring a seamless learning and playing experience.


Featuring over 450 classic and unique stories, along with nonfiction books, the library of ABCmouse.com invites children into realms of adventure, knowledge, and enjoyment.

Our library covers every subject in our curriculum, from learning letter sounds and counting from 1 to 100, to exploring the four seasons of the year and discovering different regions of the United States. All of these topics are presented in a language that is easily understood by children within our library’s books.


The music compilation on ABCmouse.com includes unique songs corresponding to each letter of the alphabet, alongside a diverse array of subjects from our curriculum. Additionally, we offer newly created and recorded renditions of timeless children’s melodies.

The assortment of music available on our platform serves not only to enhance comprehension in other subjects but also to acquaint children with a wide spectrum of musical genres and motifs. Your child will delight in joining the singing festivities!


Discover a wide array of jigsaw and cutout puzzles meticulously crafted to foster the growth of problem-solving prowess and critical reasoning abilities.

These puzzles play a pivotal role in aiding children’s retention of vital concepts and proficiencies across diverse subjects such as reading, math, science, art, social studies, and music.

You’ll encounter an extensive collection encompassing every letter of the alphabet, sight words, narratives, numbers, shapes, animals, the base-ten number system, elements within fictional tales, and a plethora of other engaging topics.


ABCmouse.com offers a wide range of artistic endeavors for children, encompassing various forms of creative activities such as coloring pages, dot-to-dots, paint-by-numbers, traceables, and printables.

Through these activities, children not only express themselves artistically but also engage in learning reading, math, and various other subjects in an integrated manner.


ABCmouse.com offers over 2,000 printable activities spanning reading, mathematics, art, colors, and beyond. We inspire children to persist in their learning beyond the digital realm with a plethora of printable endeavors.

These include exercises in tracing letters and numbers, engaging in coloring sessions, connecting the dots to reveal pictures, completing paint-by-number drawings, solving mazes, and participating in activities that enhance pattern recognition skills.

Testimonial from highly Satisfied Users of ABCmouse.com

Why waste time watching your child avoid old boring traditional ways of learning and enjoy watching them aspire in their academic activities instead?

Check out the highly excitable testimonies of avid purchasers.

“I can’t thank ABCmouse.com enough for the incredible impact it has had on my child’s learning journey. The engaging animated activities make learning so much fun that my daughter actually looks forward to her ‘learning time’ every day. The way the lessons are presented is both educational and entertaining, and I’ve seen a significant improvement in her understanding of various subjects. As a parent, nothing makes me happier than knowing my child is excited about learning!” – Emily T.

ABCmouse.com has been a game-changer for my son’s education. The platform’s wide range of interactive activities has not only helped him grasp fundamental concepts in math, reading, and other subjects but has also sparked his curiosity to learn more. The animated characters and vibrant visuals hold his attention while the structured curriculum ensures he’s making steady progress. It’s truly an invaluable tool that has transformed learning into an enjoyable adventure for my child.” – Michael S.

While other online academic programs may have a great curriculum, the thing that sets ABCmouse.com from others is that it has hundreds of interactive, student-engaging, colorful games and activities that will keep the attention of a the most distracted students.

Sufficient Support

Don’t worry about operating this online educational program, plenty of support is available if you need help in getting started with anything.

New members of ABCmouse.com can try a subscription for free for 30 days, followed by a payment of $12.99 a month.  And if you invest in the program annually, you can get as much as 70 % off the original price.

FAQ Section:

some “AFQ” (Anticipated Frequently Asked Questions) that potential buyers might have about ABCmouse.com:

  1. What is ABCmouse.com?com is an online early learning platform designed for children ages 2-8. It offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers subjects like reading, math, science, art, and more through interactive games, activities, and lessons.
  2. Is there a free trial available? Yes, ABCmouse.com typically offers a free trial period for new users. During this trial, you can explore the platform’s features and content to determine if it’s a good fit for your child’s learning needs.
  3. How much does ABCmouse.com cost after the free trial? The cost of ABCmouse.com’s subscription can vary. They usually offer both monthly and annual subscription options. It’s important to check their website for the most current pricing details.
  4. What age range is ABCmouse.com suitable for?com is designed for children between the ages of 2 and 8. The content is tailored to various developmental stages within this range, providing activities suitable for early learning through primary grades.
  5. What subjects and topics does ABCmouse.com cover?com covers a wide range of subjects including reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music. It provides a comprehensive curriculum to support a child’s overall educational development.
  6. Is ABCmouse.com aligned with educational standards? Yes, ABCmouse.com aims to align its curriculum with various educational standards commonly used in schools. This can help ensure that the content is relevant and beneficial for a child’s learning journey.
  7. Can multiple children use one subscription? Yes, ABCmouse.com typically allows multiple children within the same household to use a single subscription. This can be useful for families with multiple young learners.
  8. Is ABCmouse.com accessible on different devices? Yes, ABCmouse.com is often accessible on various devices including computers, tablets, and smartphones. This allows children to learn on the device that’s most convenient for them.
  9. Is the content interactive? Yes, ABCmouse.com focuses on interactive learning experiences. The platform offers games, activities, and animations that engage children while they learn.
  10. Can parents track their child’s progress? Yes, ABCmouse.com usually provides tools for parents to track their child’s progress and see which activities they have completed. This can help parents understand their child’s learning journey.
  11. Is ABCmouse.com safe for children to use?com often takes measures to provide a safe online learning environment for children. The platform aims to be child-friendly and free from inappropriate content.

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