Student Initiative: Are You a Victim of Cyber Bullying? Getting the Support You Need

The elimination of cyber bullying is largely a diminishing hope for young social media enthusiast. Each day millions of students become targets.  The negative words, phrases, and images placed on social media by cruel peers seek to destroy the image and reputation of their victims.

A social media attack can come from Facebook, Twitter or any other social platform where people share the lives.

If an attack is not stopped, it will continue until it sucks the peace and vitality out of the student or groups who is under assault.  This outcome is the exact intention of the perpetrators. Cyber- bullying can get so overwhelming that it can cause distraught students to commit suicide.  Many young people who have come under a severe attack of cyber bullying have already taken their lives.

Cyber bullying is a tragedy.  While several laws and legal consequences have been implemented to prevent cyber- bullying, the problem is still holding steady.

However, if you are a student who find yourself under a severe cyber bullying- attack, there are several things you can do to stop it in its tracks.  You must get immediate support, especially if the cyber- bullying attacks are coming from various schoolmates.


First, inform your parents that you are under a cyber- bullying attack.  I know many young people who don’t want to allow their parents to get involved in the situation, but for the sake of your reputation and emotional well-being, you need the support of your parents.

When teachers and administers don’t respond appropriately, your parents should take immediate action by visiting the school and getting to the bottom of the situation.

Life is too precious to allow your reputation or emotional well-being to be damaged by cyber wolves who don’t value the dignity of other people.


Next, you should inform teachers that this is occurring. Because it is happening at school, the teacher should be the definitely to know.  It is up to the teacher and the administration to get to the bottom of the issue and uphold bullying policies in place.

Administrators and teachers who ignore the situation could find themselves under state investigation for not responding professionally to the situation.


Law Enforcement

The final thing to do, regarding support, is to inform the police.  Document the words, phrases, and images that are being used destroy your character.  Fill out a police report so that local law enforcement officers can investigate the situation and bring justice upon those who are continuing to perpetuate the assault.

Cyber bullying must be stopped. If you choose to ignore it, the consequences will be devastating for you and the people you love.

Social media should be a place where people come to build each other up by sharing solutions and creating a meaningful connection for the greater good.  However, this is not the reality. There are people who love attacking and ruining the lives of others.

Therefore, by seeking support from teachers, parents and law enforcement can go a long way in combating the desolation of cyber bullying.