Skipping School-the Sobering Consequences

skipping school

Skipping school is no trivial matter. According to studies, thousands of high school students skip school each year.  Administrators and parents clash as to the whereabouts of the child, resulting in bad feelings and anxiety for the child’s future.

A student may skip school for a number of reasons, including fear of failure, embarrassment or out of boredom and lack of motivation.  Lack of desire for learning may be the result of negative externals outside of the classroom.

Many students come from broken homes.  Divorce, alcoholism, and emotional and physical abuse can destroy the passion for academic achievement.


Nevertheless, skipping school is a bad omen when it comes developing good character worthy of success in society. Excellence in life, as well as business, requires a strong practice of integrity and honesty. Skipping school can be perceived as the same as skipping work, losing a job and developing a contaminated reputation for laziness and dishonesty.

Students who skip school will be in danger of leading a life of illiteracy, limited career opportunities, and difficult coping with life in general. Those who skip school often get in trouble with the law, resulting in a criminal reputation.

Solution to Skipping School

If parents discover that their child is skipping school, the matter must be addressed immediately by all involved. Parents, teachers, and administrators are responsible for getting the child back on the right track.

The intervention process must be approached respectfully, not with anger or overwhelming authority.  Adults are not the only ones who go through stressful situations.

Administrators and parents must review the child’s misbehavior and convince him or her that such negative action will destroy his chances of academic and long term success.

Parents must express how the habit of skipping school makes them feel and how much they are concerned about what is wrong with him or why he is

The child must acknowledge that he or she has made a mistake. This should be expressed both verbally and in writing, especially to the parents. The verbal and written apology will act as a contract for a new direction in behavior.

Once the meeting is over, the consequences of continuing this behavior will result in logical punishments and deprivations.

The process should be monitored. Parents should contact teachers and administrators until trust can regain regarding the child’s ability to remain loyal to attending school.

You, the Final Authority: A Call to Responsibility

If your child is skipping school, refuse to turn away your attention, as if the situation will correct itself. Such an assumption is a mistake and will encourage the child to continue practicing the dishonest of skipping school.

Remember that your child represents you as well as the beliefs and values you have instilled in him or her from birth until now. You are the final authority when it comes to discipline your child, not the teacher or the administrator of the school in which your child attends.