Signs you have chosen the wrong university course


A university course of 3 to 4 credits could cost a student over a thousand dollars at some institutions of higher learning. That is the reason income freshmen must seek the advice of his or her advisor before registering for a specific class. Wasting money on the wrong course is disappointing and costly. In addition, it is wastes of precious time that can be invested in some other area relevant to your career major.

The signs you have taken the wrong course becomes obvious when you realize that the course has nothing to do with your major. Each time you attend class, the information you hear is certainly not related to your choosing major.

Mistakes Made by College Freshmen

Many times new college students may register for a class based on the advice of a friend or another person who is majoring in a similar career. Usually, the person is uncertain about the advice but incoming freshmen can override his gut feeling and take the course anyway.

Another sign that you have taken the wrong course is when you discover that the course is not a requirement for the obtainment for your major.  In both these cases, if you can catch the error in the first week of classes, you may able to correct the situation by changing classes or getting a refund.

However, if the options for correction have passed you will have to drop the course, wasting money, or make the most of gaining new knowledge. Who knows! Such information may become valuable someday.

Choosing the Wiser Way

The bottom line is that most new incoming freshmen get themselves in this type of predicament due to being uninformed regarding college life. That is why attending freshmen orientation and choosing to work with a student advisor is vitally important.

The decision not to work with an assigned advisor is the reason I performed poorly in my academics as a freshman.  Refuse to fall into this type of situation. The cost of choosing the wrong course not only wasted time but costed unnecessary expenses.