School Uniforms: What A Mistake!

school uniforms

The controversy over school uniforms reigns on. Many believe that school uniforms aid in the education of students while others believe that uniforms interfere with the expression of student identity. The students believe the latter.
Administrators may enforce the school uniform policy for a number of reasons. A few of the man reasons is to avoid thief by rogue students, to prevent jealousy and possible conflict, to stop students from dressing inappropriately or to relieve administrators from having to create and enforce a dress code.
School uniforms come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. Boys wear includes shirts, polos, pants, sweaters and short. Girl’s wear comes in dresses, blouses, skirts and jumpers and includes slim, junior and plus sizes. In addition to uniform specialty stores, uniforms can be purchases at most major clothing stores, including J.C. Pennies, Sears and Kohl’s.
Biggest Problem
The biggest problem that students and many parents have against school uniform is that students are prevented from expressing themselves. When students are able to wear the type of clothing they desire (as long as it doesn’t violate dress code) they are able to establish their individuality as a person. Students need to feel good about themselves the same as adults need to feel free to express who they are.
2 Misconceptions
The main misconception entertained by administration is that a school uniform enforcement policy enhances student’s learning. However, this cannot be true due to the thousands of uniform schools that are failing miserably across America. Clearly, the safety rationality isn’t holding. As a teacher, I have worked at uniform schools where a significant learning environment was hard to come by.
Another misconception is that school uniform fosters a sense of school unity among students. This is also a myth. Many schools with uniform policies are plagued with multiple conflicts on a daily basis. Students could care less about a common uniform.
So what’s the justification for school uniforms if studies show that there is no significant advantage in learning between schools who enforce uniform wear and those who doesn’t? It appears to be a matter of administrative choice.
The Bottom Line
The bottom line is that children should be allowed to wear school uniforms for the sake of individual expression. Individuality is the American way of life. People are able to establish a unique identity. The ability to express themselves in clothing choice can go a long way in building confidence and raising self-esteem.
Conflicts will always be a problem in schools, regardless of whether uniforms are worn or not. The greatest thing administration can do for a student is to set a dress code and allow students to establish their uniqueness, a factor that will prepare them for expressing their identity and uniqueness in the world. It is the people who feel free in expression their own individuality that experience accelerated growth in the world.