Regaining Confidence in Teaching, especially in a Covid-19 Reality

Pandemic Teaching

The challenges of remote learning and teaching in a Covid-19 reality has negatively impacted educators across the United States for over 2 years.

Confidence in teaching, in most districts, is on the edge of nonexistence. The stress that comes with teaching in such a reality is becoming worse and most districts, uncertain about day-to-day Covid-19 infections, are shutting down again.

Imagine what it will feel like when educators can once again return to classrooms without children wearing masks and without restrictive pandemic protocols.

We would like to welcome the visible smiles and enthusiastic vibes of our fellow educators, but the road to recovery appears to be far and long.

Although things have changed, great hoped must be sustained. Patience, flexibility, and protocol adherence will allow educators to overcome these pandemic challenges and regain confidence in the education process once again.

Modern Teacher

CDC Knowledge, administrative creativity, and effective teaching tools will provide the teachers with the confidence to continue to give students a quality education.

I have been teaching for 26 years so I know the difficulties of educating students during difficult circumstances. Victory is just a perspective away.

Regaining Confidence with the right perspective

The right perspective starts with acceptance that things have change and they you must adapt to the new reality. Once we understand that we can move on in the face of change, we are free to discover ideas and ways to doing things.

Understand that you are still an educator, and the future of your students still depends on how you approach the new pandemic reality. If they see that you are yet enthusiastic about them and their academic achievement, they will be inspired.

Let Your Teacher Confidence Shine

Engage your students. Play with them. Talk to them. Challenge them to be strong and conquer the academic obstacles that appear to stand in the way of academic excellence.

Classroom protocol do not have to put a damper on the joy of teaching. You as an educator is a game changer, regardless of the challenges that may present themselves during the pandemic.

You have the power to demonstrate to students that they can also thrive during Covid-19, whether in the classroom or remote.

Students look up to teachers. If we show them fearlessness in the face of the pandemic, we can, not only instill confidence within them, but we also will grow more confident in our teaching.

The Benefit of Confident Teaching includes:

  • Learning Excitement
  • Interested Student Engagement
  • Quality Comprehension

Student will appreciate you when they feel your passion for the topics, subjects, or themes you are teaching. Your mind is no longer clouded by fear of adhering to protocols or pandemic guidelines mandated by the CDC.

Less fear means growing confidence in yourself, in your students in the classroom, as well as the entire student environment.

Spread Joy! Reject Fear!