Parental Appreciation & Poor School Performance


Higher education is a must-have if high school graduates desire to live a life of quality and success in business and life.  However, when a child does poorly in school, they are in jeopardy of ruining their chances to pursue a higher education.

The reason a child does poorly in school can be a result of a number of factors, including those outside of school. As an elementary and high school for some 23 years, I have witnessed the many reasons for poor academic performance.

Some come from households in which abuses of all types are committed without any hope of a resolution. Under such conditions, a child will have difficulty of understanding and comprehending what he or she has been taught in the classroom.

Other students just don’t have the self-esteem that will allow them to perform excellently.  They believe what they’re doing is too hard or they are afraid of failing and looking stupid. These are personal issues that must be addressed by both parents and teachers.


The most dangerous thing about doing poorly in school is that a child will have to spend many years attempting to catch up with his or her peers. When it comes to graduating and continuing on to college, a child that has performed poorly in school will have to strengthen his or her academic weaknesses before admittance into a desired college or university.


Usually students who do poorly in school are taken out of the classroom at some point during the day and given remedial lessons in reading, writing and math. They are given a series of one on one attention in these areas.

Although this approach is very well needed and effective, the situation is usually deeper and must be reflected upon beyond academics.

Close monitoring, support and appreciation shown by parents must become top priority if the child is going to experience an emotional breakthrough.

Children need to experience high self-esteem and a sense of personal power to achieve high grades in school and stand out in the crowd. The emotional side of children must be well-balanced in order for them to feel like they could conquer the world.

Call to Awareness

Parents must instill in their children that they are supported and loves, and that performing well in school is worthwhile.  You as parents must show more excitement about a child’s homework than that child does. When children understand how much their parents value something, the child usually become excited about the same things.