Overcoming the Anxiety of Sending Your Children Back to School

Modern Teacher

Parents across the nation are most likely experiences a major degree of anxiety due to the challenges presented by a new variant.  The delta virus has risen nearly in every state as well as in nations all over the world.

Facing the unknown, many parents are wondering whether there will be another shutdown under which students must return to zoom learning. Nevertheless, until such threat occurs, parents must prepare to send their children back to school this fall.

While you may not have been an avid parent participant before the pandemic, now, because of the ongoing virus threat, you must be the top participant in your child’s education.

Good Discernment is a must.

As a responsible parent, keeping your child safe is a must take priority over everything else, including your occupation. There are many things to take into considerations.

Cautions to Take against the threatening variant.

Inspire a Sense of Safety

Do not provoke fear in your child, especially if they are small. A child doesn’t want to go to school if he or she feels afraid of what might happen. Put your child at ease by assuring him or her that they are going to be ok and that you are going to be there for them.

Make sure they feel fully safe before the first day of school. Emphasize how much fun they will have and how they will get to meet and play with friends again.

Understand Your Responsibility

Acknowledge that you are ultimately responsible for your child’s safety. Teachers will do their part, but you must be accessible via several reachability channels.

  • Smartphone
  • Email
  • Text
  • Emergency number
  • Transportation

Physical Safety

You must make sure your child has plenty of critical safety resources, including two mask and a small bottle of hand sanitizer. The CDC has recommended that every child as well as teachers, wear a mask to prevent the spread of the variants.

These safety recommendations include all vaccinated students and teachers due to the aggressiveness of the new variant.

In addition to providing the necessary safety resources for your child, parents must be in close contact with their child’s teachers.  If your child is high risk, due to being unvaccinated or under the age of twelve, you need to visit the school or contact administration once a week.

In fact make sure that the school is following the guidelines of the CDC with masks wearing, hand sanitizing, and social distancing, if recommended.

Home Schooling

If you are an avid parent-teacher, you may desire to lead a homeschool program for your children. However, you must consult with the school district to comply with the rules and regulations pertaining to home schooling.

Many schools, due to the shutdown, already have programs in place for parents who desire to teach their children at home.

Be prepared to make a quality decision if necessary. For example, if you sense that things are getting worse at your school or that the new variant is beginning to jeopardize the lives of the vaccinated, then make a quality decision to pull your child out of the classroom.

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for the safety of your child, not the CDC or any teacher, principle, or administrator. You Are.

Be very observant of what is going on in the news. You may not desire to hear a lot of negativities, especially with all the drastic things happening in the world today. However, you cannot afford to place your child under dangerous conditions.

The course of the delta variant is unknown. No one knows how bad it will get before the pandemic is finally wiped off the face of the earth, if possible.  According to the CDC, the normalcy experienced before the pandemic will be elusive until every arm in America is vaccinated.

However, such reality is a long shot.

Nevertheless, if you keep the previous guidelines discussed in this article in mind, you will be less anxious., knowing that you have a choice as to whether your child stays in school or not.

Happy Back to School Time!