Master the Art of Classroom Management with these 5 tips

classroom managment

We can agree teachers desire to have a wonderful and productive teaching experience whenever they step inside the classroom. A cool, calm and collected group of students who are eager to learn and express their knowledge in quizzes, tests and exams is the hallmark of an ideal learning environment.

A well-managed classroom will experience accelerated growth, enhanced creativity and strong collaboration among students and teacher. Students will excel beyond their grade levels and express good character as well as an impressive work ethic when it comes to completing seatwork and homework. You will be recommended by parents. Having won a teacher of the year award, I have experienced this type of honor and glory.

Recommendations are the rewards of a great learning environment.

5 Tips for Mastering Classroom Management

Patient Redirection

As teacher who is growing in greatness, you must view redirection as a lifestyle in education. Children are going to be children. Redirection is a tool in which you can create character and teach students how to make smart decisions in life. Becoming frustrated with redirection is a teacher who is unaware of the importance of creating intangibles in a child.

Once intangible such as focus, commitment and character as well as sensitivity to others feelings, race, culture are instilled within a child, the tangible such as academic excellence and intelligent expression will automatically manifest within students. Therefore, as teachers we must artfully redirect our students with much patience.

Accountability system

Students must be held accountable for the mistakes they are making. If students are constantly coming to class tardy and without homework, a system of accountability must be in place to counter such negligence. Academic success requires passion for school and academics.

Contacting, befriending and alerting parents are effective ways you can resolve problems of laziness and underperformance. An incentive program, such as receiving coupons for free pizzle or winning movie tickets for reading so many books a month, should be implemented to inspire struggling students to cherish their academic life.

Parental Collaboration

Some of the best teachers who have mastered classroom management didn’t succeed without the blessings and involvement of the parents. Connecting and staying in contact with parents in both good and bad times is the key to changing a student’s life forever. When you call parents to inform them that their student has had a great day, such parents become proud of their sons or daughters and as a result continue to expect good behavior from them. In addition, a great deal of trust is built among teachers and parents.

Parents will know that your truly care when you are not just calling when John or Carla does bad things at school.
With great collaboration, teachers and parents become partners in educating a child. The child gets inspiration from both foundations: home and school.

Expanding Reward System

Students grow excited about their classroom performance when a great incentive program is in place. When students have an opportunity to earn extra recess, extra free time, earn movies tickets and free piazza, play video games, help decorate hallways, do special projects, or earn a dollar or two, students who underperform will have effective incentives to improve in both academics and character.

An expanding rewards system allows teachers and parents to add new incentives throughout the school year. To be extremely effective, the system must be implemented both in the classroom and on the home front. Teachers and parents must work in collaboration.

Passionate Instructions

Creating an exciting classroom environment demands that teachers inject passion in their lesson planning and teachings. A boring delivery can even put adults asleep. When teachers are passionate about what they teach, their words and expressions display such passionate vibrations. The energy of excitement fills the atmosphere and students pay attention. Generating an inner passion about what you are teaching becomes the most exciting thing happening in the classroom.

A subject passionately delivered helps students to remember what they were taught long into the school year. When I became a young teacher, I learned how to teach with passion from watching some of the best educators in my school. The students couldn’t wait to go to these teachers who knew how to captivate their attention, regardless of the subject taught. As teachers, this goal of teaching passionately must become our number one priority.

Before becoming a teacher the year, I barely understood the importance of classroom management in the success of my teaching career. Well, I found out the hard way that good classroom management just don’t happen by designing and enforcing a few rules. Mastering classroom management should be an art that must be mastered in order for fun; productivity and academic success among students become a reality in the school environment.