Literacy, Intelligence, and Education: The Keys to Global Progressiveness

Literacy, intelligence and education are three of the most important attributes needed to thrive successfully in a global and diverse world.  Possessing these qualities will place an individual far above his or her associates.

To be literate, intelligent and educated is to take the leadership charge in the 21st century and beyond. All three of these qualities require a mastery of understanding in regards to our communities, cities, states, countries as well as the world. Let’s take a closer look at what each term means in this regard:


To be literate is to be an accomplished reader, to know and understand what has been read as well as the ability to interpret and express the meaning of various degrees of literature.


To be intelligent is to be capable of making intelligent decisions based on accurate information. An intelligent person will not impulsively make a decision that will jeopardize his or her life, integrity or the life and integrity of others.


To be educated is to have a vast, universal knowledge of how the world works. Usually, a well-educated individual will be literate and intelligent to some degree. An educated person will know how to read and interpret various kinds of literature as well as make intelligent decisions about life.

When all three qualities are fully developed within the individual, he or she will possess a global consciousness.  Such person will have a keen knowledge of what is going on around them. Such person will not wait for an effect to occur. Instead, he or she will become a cause in the world. Such a person will break new ground, not only for their generation but for the generations to come.

The world needs people with a global consciousness. Gone are the days when you only needed to know what is going on in your neck of the world.  We have all become one in the quest for a utopian world in which all races, cultures, and religions thrive for universal peace, joy, and happiness.


Therefore there must be a national effort to look at every citizen of a nation and see where they are along the journey toward global consciousness.

Educational institutions, local and state governments and religious bodies must all participate in this change toward a universal perception.

The nation that reaches this conclusion and begins to implement it on a national level will surge ahead to become the global frontrunner. Immense progressiveness will be evident.