Indifference in Teaching and the Impact on Academic Progress

Teachers who are not passionate and dedicated to students’ academic achievement may soon find themselves increasingly stressed out. Teachers who deliberately and constantly allow students to control and disrupt the instructional aspect of the classroom while they hesitate to apply the appropriate degree of discipline shouldn’t consider exiting the teaching profession.

A teacher’s primary responsibility is to take charge and manage the classroom and display a great degree of instructional leadership and gain the respect of her students. A teacher who refuses to do this is apparently not a good choice for students who want to achieve and parents who want the best for their children.


Without proper instructional leadership in a classroom, confusion and chaos will most likely be the norm for the entire school year. Teachers who just place books in front of students and expect them to do UN-discussed textbook assignments cannot possibly care about the education of their students. In order for a student to learn effectively, a teacher must provide direction and meaning regarding the subject. Otherwise, mental chaos and confusion will manifest. Teachers who refuse to lead their students are abusing the possibilities of the next generation.

Parental Trust

Teachers must take charge of the educational situation in their classroom in order to maintain the parental trust. The public (including parents and community) expect teachers to equip their children with a quality education. Teachers who are indifferent and don’t adequately prepare lesson plans for students don’t really care about what others think of them. Many do just enough to get by and receive another paycheck. Some give up on challenging students long before the semester ends.


The most significant reason a teacher must take charge of the classroom is that she is the only one knowledgeable enough (not the students) to meet the educational requirements and standards set forth by the school board. Knowledgeable teachers are able to research and interpret new trends in education and translate this knowledge to her students. However, to go this far, a teacher must be dedicated to the progress of her students. Bad teachers do not have this commitment.

Growing Insubordination

When students get a sense that teachers are unwilling to provide instructional direction in the classroom, insubordination will be the result. Many will simply stop listening to such a teacher. The Students will not respect a teacher who refuses to respect their need for a quality education. Lazy teachers will soon find themselves out of a job soon. Students, as well as parents, will most likely protest a teacher’s lack of competence who doesn’t deliver a quality education to her students.

The Bottom Line

Students and parents must be aware of such teachers. A good idea for parents is to visit the classroom often to observe the strategies and tactics used by the teacher. Weak strategies involve little or no engagement with the students. Student and teacher engagement must be a high priority for effective learning to take place.

Passionate, knowledgeable, motivational and organized teachers thrive in the educational field because they understand the critical responsibility of instilling in the next generation a sense of excellence. These are the teachers that parents and student should pursue.