8 Ways to teach children about the solar system

solar system

Learning about the solar system will probably be an interesting experience for the majority of your classroom students. The idea that there are multiple other planets besides earth is quite fascinating, especially when there could be a possibility that life may exist on any one of them.

Usually, we have our students take out their science book as we provide direct instruction regarding each planet of the solar system.  After that, we provide an assessment quiz or test on how well our students have comprehended the planets.

However, if we desire to provide our students with an unforgettable understanding of our unique solar system there are several effective ways which we can education students on the subject, giving them a thorough understanding of our most intriguing universe. These teaching methods go far beyond the science book and are much more interactive.

Ways to Teach about the Solar System


Taking your class on a tour of the science museum is a fantastic way to introduce them to all the extraordinary planets. The tour guide can guide them around, introducing the planets and even allow them interact within a simulated environment designed to provide them with a virtual experience the solar system

solar system


For younger children, storytelling can provide an effective teaching channel about our solar system. Very small children love stories and will most likely remember the introduction of a planet or planets via storytelling.  The book characters, the planets will tell their stories in a fun and entertaining way.

Read aloud

For bigger kids, a read aloud could be a fun way to learn about the solar system.  In a read aloud, the teacher is not involved. Selected students take turns coming to the front of the class to read, share and allow for questions on the topic.

Peer instructions can be a very effective attention getting for students who may get bored the constant sound of a teacher’s voice.

Letters to each other

Using the imagination to teach students about the solar system requires creativity.  For example, allow each student to choose a planet he or she wants to live on. Explain that you would like to pretend that they live on a certain planet.

Have them to write letters to each other, describing what it is like to live on the planet as well as the adaptations that had to be made in both mental and physical terms. This use of the imagination should be an exciting challenge.

Video, DVD

Watching video along with studying text books on the solar system is another way of reinforcing the concepts students need to understand and remember. The classroom must be quiet and students should be able to take notes on assigned questions.

Many classrooms across the US utilize this method to the fullest, not only on science topics but on other subjects as well, including history and social studies.


Visual stimulation is a wonderful way of introducing the solar system to students. Placing solar system posters across the room will help reinforce learning.  Hopefully, the posters will have the name and the description of the planet writing underneath the picture.

solar system

Computer games

Children love computers, both young and old. Finding computer games regarding the solar system can motivate the most uninspired students.  Games dealing with the galaxy and the planets will help instill the scientific concepts and information necessary to score high on any assessment test on the topic.

Benefits of teaching Strategies

The above approaches are some of the most effective methods for teaching children about the solar system. Using a combination of these methods is ideal. Such strategy gives them an advantage over students who only learn from text books .  More knowledge is gain and remembered from grade level to grade level.

Studying the importance of the solar system and how it affects our own planet is a prerequisite for understanding how we got here and where we are headed in the future.