How to Raise Highly Progressive Children

If you want your children to be highly progressive in an uncertain era of Donald triumphalism, you must train them in the values that create greatness.  You must inspire your children to appreciate diversity and to cherish the opportunity to rub elbows with all people.

The Shaping Process

Parent who raise progressive children start when they are very small, integrating the knowledge of excellence in the child’s most formative years. Children form their most powerful ideas and opinions about life and their identity during their most transformative years: age 7 to 16, but even from age 1 to 6, parents can instill a sense of self-esteem within a child.


In addition, parents must recognize the potential gifts and talents that a child may possess and direct the child’s focus toward these undeveloped gems. For instance, if you detect with in your child, a tendency toward signing or imitating famous musicians, entertainer, or if your child expresses an interest in any type of sports, try to expose him to that sport. You don’t know what these type of intelligent moves will create in the long term.

Many great artists and famous sports stars attribute their success to their parents who pushed them toward excellence via practice and training.  You must not be indifferent to promoting the inner and outer uniqueness of your child.

Other Things to Consider

When raising highly progressive children, parents must consider many things that help shape the perception of the child, such as the type of environment in which the child plays, the relationships she develops and friends with which she mingles, the attitude and personality she exhibits, and the unprogressive habits and routines which require redirection.

Good parents are constant observers of their children


Raising a child to be progressive is one of the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences a parent can do for a person who is a part of themselves. A child with a growth mentality will be a value to society instead of a curse.

Progressive oriented children will represent their mother and father well, whether in the home, the classroom or the community.  The child will be great in the eyes of his or her circle of influence, becoming a role model for the generation to follow.


However, parents must understand that the task of raising a progressive child is by no means a cake walk in a Donald Trump era. There will be massive resistant both internal and external.  Hypnotized by the un wholesome values and perception of society, our child have a strong will to do what they want to do despite our best efforts to persuade them otherwise, especially when the teen years arrive.

We will have to be patient with them at their rebellious stage. Nothing should be forced upon a child against his expressive will.  All we can do is hope that the beliefs and values in which we have endeavored to instill in them are remembered as maturity and adulthood sets in.

Call to Awarness

Refuse to be indifferent to the growth and development of your child. Your responsibility is to raise your children in the direction he or she should go. If you neglect your children, you will eventually regret having done so little to positively shape the life and future of your child. Do not fail such awesome parental obligation.