How to Choose a College that is appropriate for you


If you desire to be accepted by the major organizations in the marketplace, choosing the right college will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Doors open wide for those who have graduated from prestigious colleges and universities, such as Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

However, most high school graduates want attend any of these well-known universities, the choice of college is extremely significant. Many outstanding colleges exist without the big, popular signature name or identity.


To find the college of your choice, you must not be anxious. Making a decision based on parental persuasion or on a friend’s advice isn’t wise. You should thoroughly research several institutions before making a choice on the one that is appropriate for you.

Things to Consider

  • Requirements for admission
  • Legitimacy/accreditation
  • Ethical status
  • Success rate of graduates
  • Geography
  • Cost

Once you have done significant research and reflected upon the information you have gathered, select a college of your choice.

Warning: making the wrong choice when it comes to choosing higher education can end in disaster, resulting in wasted time and money, especially if the college isn’t accredited. In addition, some colleges have bad reputations, a fact that could hurt your chances of getting into major organizations.

Go to the admission part of the website and fill out online application, you may have to pay a nonrefundable fee.

Expect a reply in the form of an acceptance letter. While you wait don’t sit around bored. Imagine yourself in college. See yourself meeting new friends and participating in study groups. Go to the library and read books on how to study in college. These activities will get you into the mood for the college experience.

Once you receive the acceptance letter, contact the advisor in which you are assigned.  An advisor will help you select the required course to fulfill program requirements.  If possible, make weekly visits to your advisor, he or she will be able to help you with a number of issues with which you may be confronted as a freshmen in college, issues dealing with finances, housing, (if you are living on campus), extracurricular programs, and personal concerns.

Attend freshmen orientation

You will probably get invited to a freshmen orientation near the beginning of the school year in which you will be given a tour around the university. The tour guide will show you and a group of other freshmen and parents the locations of all the schools, unions, and other important buildings on campus, especially if you are attending a large university.

Enjoy your years in college

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