How to Build a Successful Relationship with Your Professor


Building a successful relationship with your professor is a golden opportunity to make friends with someone who can support and inspire you throughout your college experience. Students who get to know their professor will be at ease to ask any questions that are holding them back from achieving excellence in a chosen career.

This can be you. All you need to know is what makes an excellent student, which is the key to wining the heart of a professor.

The decision to show a good attitude toward you professor as well as the course and its materials will go a long way in making a good impression. Professors love to meet students who are serious and highly interesting in a subject. Such student is attentive, participants in class discussions and gets things down correctly and on time.

Now that you know what your professor is looking for a student, you can aim at building a successful relationship from day one.

Stages to a Successful Relationship

First make yourself known by participating in first day classroom discussions by asking questions about the overall objective of the class and the expectations of students. Also show interest in the course right away. Raise you hands and speak as least 5 times. Become memorable.



After class, introduce yourself to the professor. Give a genuine impression that you are highly passionate about the course and how it will impact your choose field. This is the time to ask any questions that you may be curious about regarding the semester.

Be academically productive. Do all your expected homework. Complete every assignment thoroughly and hand it in on time. Show organization and neatness in your work.

Schedule Many Office Visits

Make frequent, scheduled visits to your professor’s office beyond the required visits. Meeting face to face with professors offer a special type of intimacy. Students and professors can share things about themselves that go beyond the subjects of the classroom, if desired.


Successful relationships are made during these visits. Interpersonal communication is more open and relaxed. Topics other than academic are more likely to be discussed. As a result, more openness can lead to genuine self-disclosure. A decent trust can be built at this time.

Educator qualities

Once you have built a degree of trust with your professor, your classroom presence and participation will become more valuable. In the classroom, you will be called upon for your opinion or to explain terms or questions. The professor will likely feel at ease with you.

The Road to Mastery

Building a successful relationship with your professor is a solution to becoming a master in your field of study. An invitation to constant inquiry becomes a possibility.

As greater trust is built, the friendship between the two of you will continue to grow by leaps and bounds. Some students even remember the birthdays of their professors and bring them gifts. Do not be ashamed to do this. You will be appreciated.

As a result, they can inherit a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and understanding in their field of study.