How to Achieve Academic Greatness in College despite the Pandemic

Academic Greatness

Achieving academic success in college is an experience that will call for a portfolio of sacrifices which pleasure prong students are unwilling to make? However, achieving excellence in any worthwhile pursuit will require releasing hindrances, regardless times and seasons.  

Welcome to the history of greatness. In good times and bad times, it stands.  Therefore, if a student desires to achieve academic breakthroughs in his field, he must release those people, places and things which stand between him and greatness. Although the pressures and temptations will be relentless, incoming freshmen must understand that they have what it takes to ascend to the top of the academic mountain. The principles I am about to introduce, if followed, will make any student an outstanding force in his field. If that is you, then these are your principles to success.  

Intent to Achieve Academic Success 

The most significant key to achieving academic success in college is your ability to believe that you can achieve excellence. Studying in the classroom or online isn’t the issue.  Many college freshmen enter college with the intent of just getting through their major and graduating. Instead of aspiring to be achieving mastery in their field they are content on getting out of college and getting a well-paying job. 

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Greatness in academics require that you release all those limiting beliefs about yourself as well as current pandemic conditions. A student must have the desire go beyond mediocre and reach for mastery in his or her field. Without this intention, achieving academic greatness is an illusion. 

Visualizing Yourself to Excellence 

Academic greatness starts in the imagination. Visualizing yourself as an individual who has already attained mastery and greatness in your field is a tremendous skill every college student should apply. Don’t be fooled into believing that your imagination is insignificant in your success.  

The most powerful people on earth has applied their imagination to greatness. Such people have achieved excellence because they first say themselves at the top of their profession. Distinguished progress in Science, technology, Mathematics, and literature all begin with someone imagining beyond the ordinary to the impossible.  

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Commit to skillfully using your imagination to enhance your goal to academic greatness in college. The eyes in your mind is incredibly powerful.  

Self-Discipline without Reservation 

Don’t wait to be told to study. Don’t wait for the college profession to tell you to turn do or turn in your homework. Don’t wait to feel like studying. Self-discipline is giving yourself entirely to your studies, including heart, mind soul, body and spirit. 

During my freshman year in college, I dedicated an entire semester to achieving excellence in all my coursework. I had to drastically improve my grades.  Therefore, at that time, I refused to yield to the temptations of college glamour,  including parties, hangouts, causal socialization, shopping, and eating out on weekends.  

From morning to evening, I attended classes, studied in the library until midnight. This routine continued until the end of the school year. As a result, I received the highest test scores and grades available.  

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I wasn’t the only one who followed such self-discipline. Many of my friends would also shut themselves in their rooms and study for days and entire weekends.  

Focus with Ideal Location 

Noisy locations are an enemy to great focus. If you want to achieve academic greatness you will have to find or establish an ideal location. Peace and Quietness are essential to mastery. You cannot concentrate in a home or space where loud music, arguments, constant interruption by family members or friends are the order of the day.  

During COVID-19, college study has been reduced to online learning. However, an ideal space cannot be ignored. Discuss the importance of focus with family and establish a plan for uninterrupted study time if there are no other options but to stay at home.  

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Successful focus and academic accomplishments occur in leaps and bounds when the ideal space and location are seriously considered.  

Academic Study with Peers 

One of my favorite experiences in college was studying with like minded peers. The adage ‘Two Minds are better than one.” is forever significant. On the eve of exams, including finals, reviewing lecture notes, video and recordings, cheat sheets, and ideas from peers will go a long way in enhancing your chance of Acing the exam with understanding.  

Studying alone for complicated subject or for an exam can leave you with a cloud of uncertainty when it comes to understanding course material.  

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Therefore, introduce yourself to students who are as serious as you are about being at the top of the class. Establish a study group that is willing to meet as least two times a week, either on location or online. Increase the number of meeting near exam times. You will not regret it.  

Time-Management Mindset 

On the road to academic greatness, you have no time to waste. Time management must take priority in your college life. If you waste time talking to friends for hours, going to dome room parties, or binge drinking on weekends nights and waking up with hangovers, you will have to declare yourself a lousy time manager. You will also pay the price with low academic scores 

You must have a time-management mindset. Give 80% of time to your pursuit of academic greatness and 20% of your time to other things, such as eating, drinking and mental renewal. This time management tool has become known as the 80/20 rule. It is an ideal skill to apply if you want to achieve great academic accomplishments.  

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The bottom line is there is no substitute for superior time management 

Breaks for Metal Renewal 

The mind needs rest. Studying for hours and hours without taking time out to walk around the block or to listen to some soft music or interact with positive minded people can lead to burnout. Without refreshing your mind, you will most likely have trouble remembering what you have researched and studied.  

When I was studying night and day in the dormitory, I often took frequent breaks and walked around the college campus, sometimes stopping at the water fountains or sprinklers to relax my mind. The break also gave me time to reflect on and organize all the ideas which I accumulated within my brain.  

But if you cannot walk around your block due to COVID-19 lock downs, put on some soft, interesting music and listen in silence. Music can refresh your mind, heart and soul.  

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Achieving academic greatness is gateway to becoming an outstanding master in your industry, perhaps paving the way for possible breakthroughs. Not only will you ascend to the top of your profession, you will make considerable contributions for the betterment of future generations. 





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