Helping Adult Illiteracy Become a Condition of the Past

Good Literacy is the key to considerable progress and opens the door to the higher things in life, including happiness and peace. Illiteracy is a personal disaster. Without the ability to read and write in American society, an individual will be engaged in a life long struggle for survival. The acquisition of basic needs will be a constant challenge.

According to studies, there are currently, about 32 million adults who simply cannot read while 21 percent can read only below a 5th grade level.

Illiterate individuals are at a disadvantage because they cannot read a letter or fill out an application or speak effectively to get help. But these are basic activities required for understanding and achieving anything worthwhile in life.

A Good literacy education helps you to:

  • Read and write effectively
  • Succeed in achieving a diploma or higher education degree
  • Gain acceptance and access to important connections
  • To instruct others with clarity
  • To think critically and come up with innovative ideas
  • To understand what is going on in the world
  • To acquire knowledge of the latest studies and research


Life is cruel. Many rejections occur toward people who have trouble reading, writing and speaking effectively.

Reasons for Adult Illiteracy

Several reasons exist for illiteracy among adults. They include:

Low quality education

Many African Americans and other nationalities who grew up in the old south are unable to read and write effectively due to the poor education situation at that time. These individuals are in the late fifties and beyond. Because there was little access to books, most students only received a 3rd or 4th grade education, if that.

In addition, students had to come home from school and go out into the fields to pick cotton or beans to help make money to survive. Therefore, obtaining literacy wasn’t a major priority.

Time and setbacks follow them wherever they go. The sophistication of education has eluded them. However, an opportunity to become literate is still available.

New Immigrants

Each year thousands of immigrants enter the United States legally.  Most of these people speak their native language very well but struggle mightily with the English language.

Many of these immigrants find it hard to read a simple sign, letter, or understand verbal direction and guidance.

Therefore, immigrants must enroll in state and local literacy programs to understand and effective read, write and speak English.

Laziness Syndrome

Another reason for illiteracy is pure laziness. Many people on the streets just don’t want to go back to school to develop effective literacy skills. They would rather live a low-level existence or depend on the government welfare system for help.

Such people have trouble reading directions, filling out forms, or finding lines of work. Many survive on a day to day basis, asking for money on the streets or frequenting free meal charities or homeless shelters.


These are some of the most common reasons for illiteracy. However, the illiterate predicament may be beyond the control of some individuals, especially those with psychological or mental conditions.

Making a Difference in the Lives of the Illiterate

To obtain a quality lifestyle, an individual needs a profitable command of literacy. Helping illiterate adults obtain the ability to read and write effectively is the mark of a super hero. Encouraging and guiding individuals to enroll in literacy programs in their city is how to start making a difference in the lives of people who may not know where to go for help.

Many of the homeless and jobless don’t know where to turn for help getting their life together. On the city streets of any state, you will see hopeless and despair in effect.

However, you can make a difference if you are concerned. Show them were the help is or even take them there and help them fill out the forms. To help someone make a new beginning is to be blessed for a life time and beyond.

Be an instrument of inspiration while the person is enrolled in an adult school. Help them stay motivated by helping them improve literacy skills and confidence in using the English Language.

The Field is Wide Open

Don’t waste time if you want to help make the United States a nation where everyone can effectively read, write, and speak the language. The field of opportunity is wide open for people like you and me who desire to see people lead a quality life and become significant contributors to society.  A great nation is made of great contributors.



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