Grants for Schools

The rising cost of education prevents thousands of underfunded schools across the United States from providing a quality education to students who need it most. Instead of adding educational programs, technology, materials and software necessary for closing the achievement gap, many schools are forced to cut programs that are vital for eradicating the inadequacy of underperforming schools.

The lack of funds and materials keep teachers from educating underperforming students in many inner city schools. As a result, teachers are unable to help bridge the gap between high achievers and low achievers. To get extra books and much need materials teachers in underfunded schools and often resort to selling dinners, cookies, cakes and candy bars to raise money. A great majority of teachers even spend their own hard earned money to purchase supplies to teach their classes.

The following grants are a godsend for underfunded schools that desire to initiate or maintain a variety of programs that support the quality of teaching and learning necessary to take underperforming schools and youth to the next level.

Award Amount: up to $50,000

Saxena Family Foundation Grants: money awarded to promote science, technology, engineering and math in both middle and high school. The grants are designed to help empower girls and young woman to be all that they can be. Grants are awarded year round.


Award Amount: up to $3,000

Library Grant Program: grants designed to support at risk youth in urban, rural and public libraries and agencies


Award Amount: $10,000

Academic Enrichment Grants: money awarded is designed to develop enrichment programs and classrooms that support foster student motivation and learning


Award Amount: up to $400

LilySarahGraceFunds Grants: grant money designed to empower teachers in low income schools to motivate and educate students in the creative arts. Applications are accepted year round, in particular the 1st and 5th of every month.


Award Amount: Up to $3,000

Dollar General Foundation Youth Literacy Grants: money awarded is designed to support schools in expanding literacy programs, purchase new technology as well as books and soft ward for reading programs. Grant is awarded once a year. Deadline may 1st.


Award Amount: Grant amount made upon assessment

Pathway to Financial Success Grant: grant designed to teach children how to make intelligent financial decisions on the pathway to success in life. Applications accepted year round


Award Amount: Up to 2.5 million dollars

New GEAR UP Grants: grants are designed to help at risk students to prepare for college with the intention of achieving a higher education and becoming a success in the community