Effective Team Building in the Modern Classroom: Tips for the Innovative Educator

Teacher Qualities

Effective team building  in a classroom involves instill within each student a shared sense of purpose, a commitment to each other and a sincere excitement about academic achievement.  A classroom of this magnitude will stand as a model of inspiration and excellence for every other class in the school environment.

In order to build a high-quality classroom learning environment, an educator must have the vision, knowledge, and determination to shape and mold a variety of student personalities toward a common purpose.

Day One

The key to creating a classroom of team-oriented students is to instill within each student an understanding of their uniqueness, the commitment to one another and the passion for a common academic vision.  This intention should be implemented the first day of class and last throughout the school year.  Unfortunately, teachers in charter and other specialty schools have more leverage for promoting team oriented mindsets than do educators in ordinary public schools.


Building a Cohesive Team

When building the ideal classroom environment, an educator must take many facets of a student’s attributes into consideration: such as talents, attitudes, skills, knowledge and style.  Knowledge of what each student brings to the table helps a teacher target a student’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to working with others in a cohesive team.

The emergence of a cohesive classroom team requires considerable training and instructions in a variety of exciting activities. The purpose of these activities is to produce a high quality, collaborative learning environment in which students take ownership of their own academic progress. Students hold one another accountable for becoming model student representatives of their school.

Innovative activities should include:

  • Engaging educational lessons and materials
  • Stimulated games
  • Fun leadership Challenges
  • Killer Presentation visual of high-level classrooms
  • Exciting Field trips
  • Showing riveting videos
  • Dynamic presentations from motivational speakers

The above transformative activities are designed to keep students focused, alert and participating as well as entertained, inspired and amused.

Educators who are passionate about building a dynamic classroom that becomes the envy of the school district will start the journey toward greatness before day one.  She calls the parents of her prospective students and gives them an enthusiastic welcome, discusses the academic vision for the child, and enlists the support of the parent.  This is the beginning of an ever-growing intellectual intimacy teacher and parent.  Wise educators know that cannot reach the dream of creating an ideal learning environment alone.  Parental support is vital.

Winning Them Over

In any attempt to build a great classroom environment, there will obviously be students who resist such a unique atmosphere. They will display debilitating attitudes and behaviors.  Knowledge of how to deal with such individual students is vital to the success of the classroom.

However, a highly skilled educator will use a variety of strategies, including going out of their way to recognize a special talent or skill possessed by the student.  Such an educator will also establish clear expectations, firm and non-negotiable boundaries, establish an inspiring communication routine with the student and partner with the parent to gain optimal support.

Eventually, behind such united power, the student will submit to the vision of the teacher and the parent working together.

Spirit of Greatness: Impact

Building a dynamic team oriented classroom will go a long way in transforming an entire school environment. When other students see their peers displaying a pattern of respect, responsibility, and excellence, the vibe is contagious.  Recognition and rewards come wherever the spirit of greatness resides.

Many educators will love to implement creative, character oriented classroom. However, due to the restrictive teaching geared toward obtaining a satisfactory score on the standardized test, the innovative teaching approach is suppressed in many schools across America, especially ordinary public school.

Nevertheless, teachers who have the freedom to be creative and innovative in their approach to creating a dynamic learning environment must take advantage of such privilege. For these educators, the opportunity to produce a classroom of leaders who know the value of teamwork is a highly honorable feat and will be cherished forever.