Developing a Reputation as a Super Teacher

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In the heart of every teacher should be a burning desire to become a fun oriented and instructional  icon in the presence of students.  But  inspiring and motivating students have a lot to do with the degree of passion a teacher has for them.  The more passion a teacher has for students, the greater the opportunity  to become a super educator.

However, if teachers are lacking in passion, then they will make little Impact on the academic training and development of their students, both in terms of learning and character.

In today’s classroom, the demand is to be instructional but somewhat entertaining as well. Boring classrooms spark distractive behavior, such as looking around the room instead of listening, drawing or coloring instead of finishing up an assignment, or bothering others instead of doing something worthwhile such as reading.

Part of the reason for detractive, behavior, especially among normally well-mannered students, is that there is not enough energy and passion for learning in the classroom.  More teachers need to make learning exciting and fun.

Super Teacher Lesson Plans

Becoming a Super – teacher who inspires fun and excitement starts with integrating lessons plans with a variety of fun, motivating activities. Fun activities will most likely get students to actively participate and enjoy doing it.

Activity oriented learning has many advantages. First, when activities are involved in lesson plans, the classroom becomes more energizing, students work together, learning is promoted, information is reinforced and motivation is high.

List of Fun Activities

Role Playing: act out the situations of story characters or historical icons

Skits: small groups of two or three students demonstrating concepts or skills

Assignment Relays: timing students to see how fast they can complete an assignment. Incentives for students who finish can include stickers, tickets etc.

Storytelling: tell stories that illustrate concepts, or provide more insight into event or character

Teacher Pointing at Map of World ca. 2002

Teacher Pointing at Map of World ca. 2002

Debates: students bring opposites opinions to the table, playing devil’s advocate

Reading aloud– students take turns reading aloud. Students can play popcorn reading in which students pop up and read when you point at them.

Video or DVD-students learn through video and DVD, followed by writing activities

Music, Song-students participate through music and song, important concepts are covered.

Teacher teams- two or more students take turns preparing for and teaching a lesson, can be done once or twice a week and can also be used as an incentive.

These are only a few of the fun and exciting activities. What makes these activities so appealing to students besides fun is that they emphasize group participation and unity?

You can find out about a variety of other strategies by studying the lives of iconic teachers across America, past and present.

How is it done?

Identify the teaching strategies you currently use and compare them to the above.  What do you need to change about your  teaching techniques?  Are your strategies fun and exciting or are they boring and traditional? Maybe you want to keep some strategies because the students enjoy them.  That’s wonderful.

But others lessons, including science and math, may be dry and uninspiring. The goal is to change these and make them more interesting. You can use music, read aloud, or assignment relays.

Adjustments Needed to Make Changes Official

You may need to explain to your students that the traditional way of teaching is going to change. Excite them with the knowledge that learning is going to become fun.  Inspire them by telling them that learning is going to become more activity oriented. Although things are about to change for the better, students need to know why the traditional way of learning is a thing of the past, especially in your classroom.

Qualities Needed to Succeed

Passion-all super teachings demand passion.  When teachers teach with passion, the vibe is so contagious that it fills the entire classroom.

Courage without a sense of boldness, a teacher will find it difficult to say good-bye to traditional teaching; instead, he or she will bow down to the fear of tradition and the possible scorn of his peers.

Determination and Grit-super teachers are unstoppable. They never give up on a classroom or a single student.  They take the blows of stress and resistance. They overcome it with passion, persistence, and perseverance, thereby bringing out the abilities, strengths, and character of a student.

A reputation, as a Super Teacher, develops as your implement fun and excitement into your lesson plans and give students a great learning experience.  Students will remember you as one of the most iconic, academic, and favorable figures in the shaping and progression of their lives and careers. They will also remember you as the passionate one whose classroom they looked forward to entering.