Is Daily Prayer the Cure for Classroom Chaos?

Classroom Chaos-The biggest mistake that critics can make is to think that prayer in schools cannot make a difference in the educational environment. Actually, prayer may be one of the most effective solutions to some of the most serious issues in school, including inner anger, insubordination to teachers, bullying, and cyberbullying, fighting and gun violence.

Stressed Out Teachers
Teachers are on edge every day because of the potential for the unexpected happening in the classroom. Overwhelmed by the pressure to perform, the stress of handling difficult students and the potential for experiencing violence, teachers face intense burnout and intimidation.

Prayer in school might be the solution.

Prayer has been known to inspire, motivate and transform  chaos into peace. In addition to  creating peaceful change, prayer produces the potential for an effective and prosperous learning environment. Prayer can create an atmosphere for creativity and discovery.
Critics should never underestimate the power of prayer.

It is the power of God invading an institution or an environment for the betterment of all. This power changes hearts, minds and attitudes, resulting in meditative focus.

Safety and Security

As educators, it is our responsibility to provide our children with guaranteed safety and security, regardless of the cost. The power of God comes with promises of  peace, love, endurance, and protection from many dangers, including terrorism.

When something happens to our children, it is our fault for not considering all options available, including prayer and the immense power it yields. I have known several highly spiritual educators in Christian-oriented schools.  The power of prayer can do wonders in a school environment. I am a witness. Classrooms can become havens of peace and safety for all  students. In fact, the power of prayer can  empower the  entire educational environment.

The Sad Condition of Classroom Culture

Today we can all agree that the school environment is full of rebellion, explosive attitudes, intense stress, crime, and violence.

The situation is urgent. We must release our resistance and our meager knowledge and return to the influential power of prayer. Our connection with the power of  prayer and God are the only hope for our schools, our students as well as our  parents, teachers, and communities . When we become aware of this reality, then can our young men and women grow up to be productive and successful citizens of society?

In Need of a Solution: Is it Prayer

The question we must ask is what is worst: to endure increasing confusions, chaos, and intimidation in the school environment or disregard the divide between church and state, between different religions or between Christians and non-Christians.

The answer is obvious! We must agree unanimously for the sake of our children to let prayer back in schools. So once again, which is more important: the authority of the state or the future of our children?

If the final conclusion is positive or if prayer is  accepted back into the classrooms across the country, then children will obtain a grand opportunity to experience accelerated growth, increased unity and greater recognition on the national and international stage. The power of prayer lends itself to such transformation.