Creative Teaching Techniques-Make Your Classroom Super-Duper Exciting


Effective teaching techniques, not only make learning easier for teachers, but also for students as well. When teachers possess a portfolio of teaching techniques, the students are in for a series of new and exciting adventures in learning.

But without effective methods of getting concepts and ideas instilled within students, lesson planning and delivery will be quite boring. To keep students exciting about education, a teacher cannot be one-dimensional in teaching.

Concepts and Ideas must be delivered in a variety of ways, including via active engagement, music, contest, games, and exploration.

Active engagement

The day of expecting students to just sit there and listen to a lecture-like lesson is a mistake. The 21st century student desires to participate all the time.

Students become engaged when teachers allow them to challenge the concepts and ideas of the subject being taught. For example, give students the opportunity to agree or disagree with the ideas you are teaching, especially ideas dealing with history, science, and social studies.


Music is a very important in helping to instill ideas and concepts into the mind and hearts of students. Music is indeed the universal language. A new song can become known throughout the world in a matter of minutes.  Imagine an entire curriculum integrated with musical lyrics designed to teach very significant lessons.

One school teacher became popular by using rap based music to effectively engage students in the learning process

The objective is to make music a major vehicle for effectively educating students who would normally not be interested in classroom academics.

Games and contests

A classroom filled with games and contests throughout the learning process will go a long way in becoming one of the most interesting classrooms in the entire school. Games and contests fill students with excitement. They get to be active and challenge one another.

Games involving group against group, girls against boys, or winners against winners keep students in the mood for receiving instructions.


Getting students out of the classroom is a surefire teaching technique designed to spark student’s exploratory nature.  When teachers take students on nature hikes, summer strolls, or winter walks involving picture taking and songs, great memories are being created and concepts and ideas are being remembered for a life time.

As a teacher who has won several awards, including the teacher of the year award, I recommend that teachers invest in all these techniques and implement them on a constant basis. Don’t be afraid of stepping away from the norm when time permits.

I know that the Standardized test remains a hindrance to the creativity of thousands of teachers, but if we desire to take our students to the next level in 21st century education, we must take risk and provide our students with the necessary options for becoming pupils who are progressive and positively active in every area of the home, workplace, and community.

Teachers never stop learning. Continue to research for new and different teaching techniques that can make your classroom excitement and new.


What do you think?

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