Colors of the World: Capturing the Beauty of Diversity

Colors of the World

Colors of the World is a dynamic Crayola brand designed to represent the variety of skin tones of people around the world. This unique brand of colors gives children everywhere an opportunity to learn to appreciate diversity.

Out of the 24 pack, newly formulated colors, 40 different skin tones are represented from around the world. The introduction of Colors of the World is an artistic initiative that promote a sense of diversity as well as a sense of belonging in children.

“We want the new Colors of the World crayon to advance inclusion within creativity and impact how kids express themselves, “ says Crayola CEO Rich Wuerthele.

Types of Colors included in 24-Pack: Colors of the World

  • Medium Almond

  • Medium Deep Rose

  • Light Medium Almond

  • Light Medium Deep Rose

  • Light Medium Golden

  • Very Light Almond

  • Light Golden

  • Very Light Rose

  • Very Light Golden

Colors of the World Skin Tone Crayons, 24 Count


  • Extra Light Almond

  • Deepest Almond

  • Extra Deep Golden

  • Extra Deep Rose

  • Extra Deep Almond

  • Very Deep Almond

  • Deep Golden

  • Medium Deep Golden

  • Deep Almond

  • Very Deep Rose

  • Deep Rose

  • Medium Deep Almond

  • Medium Golden

Teachers now possess the opportunity to allow their students to gain a sense of acceptance and diversity while also enjoying the experience of this artistic initiative in the classroom. Providing coloring sheets which represent people of different cultures will go a long way in helping to students to familiarize themselves with the skin tones of diversity.

Also, themes representing different cultures can be implementing each week. Studying a different culture each week is a key to fostering appreciation for all the people in the world, a magnificent, educational initiative.

An Colorful Opportunity for Parental Participation.

Parents can also participate in introducing diversity and a sense of diversity by introducing their children to the Colors of the World, especially those parents who have choosing home schooling as an option to public schooling.

Because home school students don’t necessarily get the chance to interact with their peers of different cultures, the unique crayons offer a important substitution. Children who learn how to capture the skin tones of various cultural representatives will most likely start to understand and appreciate people of different races.

Capturing the Beauty of Diversity for the Fun of It

Moreover, the Colors of the world can be used in the classroom, at home school or simply as a fun activity at home when kids are bored or looking for something to do. Children can draw pictures of their friends who represent others cultures and match their skins tones, perfectly.

Creating a Paradigm toward World Unity

Colors of the World empower students to promote diversity and a sense of acceptance in the classroom as well as their community, including home, church and neighborhoods. The mastery of skin tones will encourage students to notice people of other races. Students will become more aware of people who look different from them.

A great connection with diversity will enhance understanding and appreciation for  African Americans, Caucasians, Latinos, Asians or Indian people in our nation and across the world.

The goal of Crayola in creating and introducing the Colors of the World is to prepare today’s students for a new world perspective in which all cultures can understand and appreciate the beauty of diversity.

Therefore, the Debut of Colors of the World is a magnificent initiative which is in alignment with the movement toward a new world order, a world in which students understand that it is perfectly OK to be different, and beautiful.