Power Teaching

The well-being and mental health of teachers during the Covid-19 should be a priority for school districts and administrators across America. Although students will most likely be taught remotely, teachers will have to deal with others on a hybrid level. Worrying

Teachers are our nation's greatest assets. The best teachers, those who win, sacrifice all for the education of their children. This article discusses the qualities of teachers who push excellence. Children love them. Parents adore them. Great teachers are filled with

Improving student’s motivation and participation in academics is crucial if educators want to effectively prepare the next generation for responsibility and leadership.  Getting students to feel the excitement of learning and growth is a heroic mission. The best educators live

A teacher’s role in pushing her classroom toward achieving academic excellence is highly expected by both administrators and parents. But without the passion to see each student improve over the course of the school years, a teacher will most likely

The role of a teacher in pushing her classroom toward greatness is vital if students are going to thrive above a life of mediocre. Most students have the mindset that attending school is a useless activity which parents impose upon