Education is the continuous acquisition of critical knowledge for living a progressive life. Without a good education in our careers, we will not be able to perform in it effectively.  Professional Knowingness comes via education. If we do not understand

  "All Of Life Is A Constant Education. --Eleanor Roosevelt — Diptish Kumar Ray (@DiptishKumarR13) August 28, 2020   The importance of education for life is non-negotiable. We must not stop learning. People who are extraordinarily successful in their career and life are constantly

Student activism is in effect when students are actively involved in promoting, preventing, directing or intervening in academic reform. The power of student activism to transform the educational environment is greater than most educators, administrators and law makers us can

Teachers who are not passionate and dedicated to students’ academic achievement may soon find themselves increasingly stressed out. Teachers who deliberately and constantly allow students to control and disrupt the instructional aspect of the classroom while they hesitate to apply

Classroom empowerment is the business of making a difference to make a difference. When you make a difference in the lives of students, you give those students the potential to make a difference in the lives of others for forever. The