Management Tips

Andrea pushed a student against the classroom locker. The faces of some students looked shocked while other encouraged the other students to do something about it. Mrs. Lawson tried to quiet down the class, but no one listened. Suddenly, Timothy, a

Before the COVID 19 crisis, it was obvious that students were taking over the classroom and teachers were having a difficulty time instructing. Many experienced burnouts and left the profession for a less stressful career. However, studies show that many teachers

Effective school bus management is a problem for many inexperienced bus drivers who just want to pick- up students and return them safely home at the end of the day. However, in the world of education, individuals dealing with students

Classrooms across America are in need of empowered students. He or she presents a great example of leadership and academic progressiveness among peers. But any student with focus and a sense of responsibility can claim empowerment. In school districts across the

A toxic classroom is full of prevailing chaos and confusion.  Students rule the classroom and teaching and learning are constantly on a downward spiral. The tension in the atmosphere is extremely severe and teachers operate with a sense of intimidation.