After Labor Day thousands of American school children will be heading back to school to completely different reality. Some will be going into a full time or hybrid situation. The challenge of following the CDC social distancing guidelines must be

A high school diploma opens to door for higher education. But if you were unable to graduate with a high school diploma, never despair. Receiving a GED Certificate is equivalent to completing your traditional high school credentials. The value of a

Making the transition from elementary to middle school can be overwhelming for students not prepared for the dramatic change. Dealing with multiple teachers, multiple assignments and multiple expectations can frighten any 5th or 6th grader entering into middle school. Unlike elementary

The teaching profession is one of the most unique occupations in the world. I love preparing the next generation for future progressiveness. I love to see students that have taught since kindergarten become doctors, lawyers, and community leaders. Teaching is for

School is a place where children come to learn, not only academics but also a place where character and good values are taught.  Teachers demonstrate tremendous patience when it comes to redirecting student behavior day in and day out. But when