Educator Training

Research in education is critical if teachers want to stay at the top of their profession. The key to becoming a master educator is to discover what others are doing in the industry and implementing those findings in your school

The Empowered Principal is the solution to creating effective teacher teams, promoting and implementing dynamic curriculum and leading instructions. Empowered principals are the difference between schools which excel and those that fail. Effective teacher teams will consist of educators who can

Through research, observation, and discovery, effective school leadership teams have an opportunity to contribute to the educational industry and promote the academic progress of students for decades to come. However, effective educator teams possess certain essentials that make them stand

Expository writing is designed to inform, explain, clarify, define and interest readers. A metaphor can make writing lively and exciting. Metaphors can be used to convey a variety of ideas and concepts, such as love and hate, humility and aggression,

 Teach Like a Champion is an educational resource designed to empower teachers with competence and confidence to take full control of the teaching experience. The book consists of 12 chapters and 21 DVD clips designed to illustrate the ideas, including