College Planning

Achieving academic success in college is an experience that will call for a portfolio of sacrifices which pleasure prong students are unwilling to make? However, achieving excellence in any worthwhile pursuit will require releasing hindrances, regardless times and seasons.   Welcome to

Building a successful relationship with your professor is a golden opportunity to make friends with someone who can support and inspire you throughout your college experience. Students who get to know their professor will be at ease to ask any

Black educational leadership is a challenge due to the lack of financial resources available for young black men who desire to pursue higher education in business and leadership. Black leadership is the solution to preventing the rising drop out rate

The likely hood of getting assaulted while on campus has increased over the last few years, especially areas around the University of Minnesota. Every other week the news broadcasts a incident of violence, including robberies, stabbings and sometimes shootings. Unsuspecting college

A 4 year degree is a powerful statement of personal and social achievement, but college life is not for everyone. The possibilities of success without a 4 year degree are vast. Blue collar careers in such fields as mechanics, construction,