The problem with current classroom teachers is their inability to create innovative lesson plans that will captivate the imagination of their students.
Many teachers who lack an exceptional repertoire of knowledge and classroom skills struggle to help students achieve the best education possible.
Criteria for exceptional classroom teachers is a book designed for educators who desire to take the teaching to the next level.

The book offers a wide array of teaching perspectives, approaches and techniques that will be instrumental in helping to close the achievement gap.
In addition to other highly informative knowledge, the book discusses ten outstanding standards that all exceptional educators must master in order to create a highly motivated learning environment.
Steve Glen has taught and prepared students for academic mastery for nearly two decades. He has won several awards, including the Teacher of the Year Award in. As a result of implementing his creative teaching philosophy and style in the classroom, Mr. Glenn is credited for educating hundreds of students beyond their typical grade level expectancy.
The knowledge Mr. Glenn acquired from years of exceptional teaching will undoubtedly contribute to the ultimate goal of closing the achievement gap.