Becoming an Exceptional Home School Parent

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For years, thousands of parents across American have been investing in home schooling. Many believe it is the best choice for their children. The reasons for home schooling, the dynamics for home schooling and the process of applying for home school are similar across the nation. Home schooling a child can be a blessing or a curse, depending on the way parents approach such a serious undertaking.
Due to the failing educational system and increased dangers of violence in schools, home schooling may become a way of life for millions of students. To avoid such negative incidents as bullying, terrorist threats from other students, and suspicions regarding the motives of many teachers, an increasing number of parents are opting for home schooling.


However, home schools must operate on the same level as public and charter schools. According to the Minnesota Department of Education, “Home school parents do everything that traditional private school administrators and teachers do but in the context of their home.” These responsibilities include:
• Planning what students learn
• Keeping records
• Managing cost
• Maintaining quality and scoop of student’s education
• Equipping the students for college recruiters and employees

Necessary Competence

Becoming a home school parent requires a competence and skill set necessary to actually teach the child on the level of a fully licensed teacher. The activities of monitoring and facilitating are not enough. Although parents don’t have to possess a degree in higher education, they must have a certain degree of mastery in the fundamentals of academic knowledge, which include
• Communication skills consisting of reading, writing, literature and Fine Arts
• Understanding of elementary Mathematics and Science
• Social studies consisting of History, Geography and Government
• Knowledge of Health and Physical Education requirements

Recruiting Tutors from Outside Agencies

Parents lacking in these curriculum fundamentals should recruit someone who can instruct the child in these academic necessities. Help can be found by contacting a tutoring agency or service operating in the city or nearby town. Agencies such as Silvery Learning and A+ Tutoring are good places to start. Craig list is another affordable option. But proceed with caution when dealing with an individual who is not associated with an agency. Meet at a safe place like a restaurant or library for starts. Research the background and qualifications of a potential tutor.

Registration and Other Administrative Duties

In order to apply for home school, a parent must register with a local school district and submit a full report to the superintendent of the child’s progress. This is usually done over the course of home schooling. Parents must notify the district of any changes within 15 days of moving out of a district and applying for a new district.
In addition, all home school kids must take a yearly national achievement test in order to measure academic progress. If a child fails to score satisfactory on the test, he or she must be evaluated for possible learning disabilities.


Home schooling is a serious matter. Parents must be absolutely certain that the commitment and passion to educate a child is present. Being highly motivated and passionate regarding your child’s progress are the most critical factors in success. Determination not to be distracted by personal home demands or other personal factors must be taking into serious consideration.
Neglecting to educate a child according to state standards can set a child’s academic abilities back for years.


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