Becoming an Adult Student: 6 Essential Things You Must Know

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Have you been thinking about returning to school as an adult student?  Well, if that is your dream of a happier, more fulfilling life, then you should.

Studies show thousands of adults return to school well after they have started families and settled within their careers.  You may desire to go back to school for several reasons, including a career change, financial increase or boredom with sameness.

Nevertheless, the purpose for returning to school as an adult is to create a new one for you and your family.  Therefore, as an adult student, you will most likely be confronted by many obstacles.

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Adult Student under pressure


Returning to school after several years can be scary. We may doubt our abilities to survive the demands of research and study.  However, you must never think you CAN’T, you must convince yourself that you CAN and you Will. No, it most likely won’t be easy, but then again, nothing of value is easy. All good things must be earned.  But with faith and determination, it can be done.

Family Problems

Going back to school as  students can create conflict in our relationships with family and friends.  For example, if you are a married individual, your spouse may want more attention or if you have children, you may feel that you are somehow neglecting them.

Many of my married friends find it difficult to study at home around the children.  Therefore, they sacrifice their evenings and weekends at the local libraries or college study areas.

Friends also may get upset because you no longer go out with them on weekend ventures or because you no longer come over to watch a sports game or two.

However, this comes with the package of returning to school as an adult.  Nevertheless, it is your life and you must decide what’s going to make a bright future for you and those you love.

Dieting Challenges

Research and study takes hard work. Constantly hovering over books and writing papers can be physically draining. Therefore, as an adult student, you must exercise regularly and watch what you eat.

You cannot not eat sweets and junk food on the regular and expect to have the energy to read and write six or seven hours a day.

Also, finding the motivation to attending evening classes, after a stressful day at the job, can be highly demoralizing.

However, if you eat right, consuming fruits and vegetables, as well as other nutritious foods, you will have sufficient energy to survive.

Financial Issues

Going to college is expensive. If you are receiving limited financial aid or paying the buck of your college tuition from you own pocket, you will most definitely financial crunches. Therefore, you must practice good money management.

You will have to cut back on unnecessary spending. Sometimes you may even have to sacrifice necessary spending in order to make ends meet, especially if you have a family.

Commitment & Motivation

Everything from lack of motivation to culture shock will attempt to stand in your way as an adult student.  Many days you will not desire to open the books and write the papers.

Many days you will feel awkward around all the young students, especially if you are the only older adult in your classroom.

Therefore, you must motivate yourself by keeping the big picture in your mind. You must see yourself in an atmosphere of achievement that will uplift your esteem and provide a better life for yourself as well as your family.  Your self-determination and commitment will lead the way.

Stay Around Positive People

Keep yourself surrounded by positive people only.  As much as possible, restrict the people in your life who are negative and are always thinking  and talking about doom and gloom. These people are the worst individuals you can have around when attempting to achieve a goal or pursue a better life.

All in all, you must keep moving forward.  Your ability to conquer and achieve is as strong  as anyone else who has the passion for pursuing  a greater life.