Becoming a Super Sub in the Education Industry

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A super sub is a reserve teacher who is in high demand. He or she is called upon personally to take over the responsibility of a regular teacher. A super sub absolutely loves students. Before arriving to the classroom, the thought of meeting is a moment they look forward to. Why a super sub is highly sort after?
He answer is simple. The students feel the love and acceptance that a great sub gives. They want the sub to come back again and again and they let the regular teacher know this. Whenever the regular teacher announces that she is going to be absent, the students asks for the super sub. The super sub inspires them to go beyond themselves, almost magically.

Teacher at Chalkboard
Teacher at Chalkboard

In order to become a super sub, you must add several strategies to your teaching repertoire. First, you must develop a love for students and believe in their ability to learn regardless of their behavior. Learning to be patient with student development is the hallmark of a great substitute teacher.
Second, as a representative of education, you must make it absolutely clear to students that you are not only there to replace the regular teacher, but you are there because you desire to bring out the very best within them. Seeing the potential to excel in each student creates a sense of trust and respect within the students toward you as a caring person.
Third, an extraordinary sub make every student feel that they are part of the learning process. No student is allowed to fell neglected in the classroom. If a student needs encourage, a great substitute teacher has way making that student fell like he or she is a part of one big happy family of learners. She lets timid students know that there is love after making mistakes.
A super sub makes sure that students are having fun while learning. She demands that each student participates instead of sitting and listening idly. She allows student to get up and come before the class if they so desire, and express themselves in reading, problem solving and discussions. The mythology of a super sub inspires students to not sat back and look but become a part of the action.
Not only is a great sub in demand by the students, the regular teachers also wants them back again and again. One of the reasons teachers call back super subs is because of the substitute’s ability to reach the children with the same effectiveness demonstrated by the regular teacher. Substitute teachers who are well organized and who follow and effectively completes the lesson plans are a godsend to both students and teachers alike.
Other subs or average subs never really get around to covering all the lessons the regular teacher leaves behind. Many times the average subs have trouble controlling the classroom because they have not mastered their craft, leaving both teacher and students disappointed. Furthermore, average subs don’t go the extra mile due to their one day appearance. Such subs just get by and then go home. However, super subs are their long after the students are gone home, grading papers, organizing the desk and chairs, filing out assessment forms and making sure that the classroom is as tidy as it was when they first arrived within the classroom.
The super sub will always be in demand. He or she is a hero not only to teachers and students, but also to the entire educational industry.


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