7 Extraordinary Dynamics of an Exceptional Teacher


Exceptional teachers go beyond the norm. They try and do things other educators are too reserved to even attempt. The dynamics that drive such teachers are contagious and make students want to perform their best in academics and in life.

Students who have been graced by exceptional educators never forget them.  Years pass and students still remember the special messages and interactions which influenced their lives. They forever hold such teachers in high esteem.

The Dynamics

True Gratitude

An exceptional teacher expresses gratitude for her students and the opportunity she has to help shape and mold them into people who can create value for their communities.  Training students to become leaders is a privilege which provides meaning and purpose for educators.

Charismatic Mentality

The activity of teaching is not a job to great teachers. Instead of teaching is a hobby. Educators with such mentality love getting up in the morning and rushing to their classrooms to prepare for students.   Lesson plans are made to be fun and exciting.  The communicative expression is exceptional.  The classroom atmosphere is magnetic.

Empowerment Oriented

Dynamic educators make students feel like they can conquer anything thing, not only academically but also personally.  Low self-esteem is not allowed in the presence of a super teacher.


Exceptional teachers can see possibilities in students that others cannot.  Even the most reluctant students are considered diamonds to be polished.  For this reason, such teachers never give up on making a difference in the lives of those under their charge.

Do and Learn Perspective

Dynamic teachers never succumb to an inactive classroom.  They lead students in modeling principles, demonstrating concepts, presenting solutions, and resolving problems. Students are encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them.

Resilient oriented

Bouncing back from failure is considered a privilege in the presence of a dynamic teacher.  She teachers her students to face failure like a champ.  The reward comes when students begin to see failure as a highway to great achievement.

Creative communicator

Dynamic educators use a variety of ways to get their message across to students. Such methods include activities inside and outside the classroom, dynamic presentations, participatory games, videos, and social media outlets.

Becoming an exceptional teacher requires a denial of the ordinary for the sake of preparing students to become progressive and exceptional adults who can positively lead and manage their communities.  Therefore, such teachers inspire, motivate and push students toward excellence on a daily basis throughout the school year. Such conviction gives them a sense of fulfillment.