4 Year Degree: Is It Essential for a Better Quality Living?


A 4 year degree is a powerful statement of personal and social achievement, but college life is not for everyone. The possibilities of success without a 4 year degree are vast. Blue collar careers in such fields as mechanics, construction, and plumbing can provide lucrative annual incomes for those who opt to enroll in six months to two year vocational program.


Many reasons exist for individuals who choose not to attend a university. One of which includes the lack of motivation when it comes to sacrificing 4 years of their lives in school. They would rather pursue a short-term two year degree.


Another reason for not obtaining a 4 year degree is for personal reasons. Maybe an individual has a child or dependent that must be taking care of, a situation that may demand immediate income for a to secure a quality livelihood.


Many blue collar jobs offer a great opportunity for advancement. An individual can make more money than another who has attended a 4 year college. Auto Mechanics can make up to $65,000 per year. Plumbers can make up to $50,000 or more a year.

Most Lucrative Blue Collar Jobs


Construction: $43,670 per. Yr.

Plumber: $49,628 per. Yr.

Steel Worker: $42,432 per. Yr.

Pipe fitter: $49,628 per. Yr.

Electrician: $42,286 per. Yr.

Police Officer: $45,210 per. Yr.

Plastic Machine Setters: $44,264 per. Yr.

Electronics repair: $42,598 per. Yr.

Street car operators: $49,296 per. Yr.

Aircraft mechanics: $45,281 per. Yr.


Individuals working in the above careers car maintain a decent quality of living without possessing a 4 year degree. In addition, the above salaries are only average pay. Opportunities for advancement and promotion offer higher salaries.


You or I may know several individuals, including some family members, who have obtained a 4 year degree but struggle to find a well-paying job. Many times individuals with 4 year degree have to accept careers unrelated to their majors due to relevant opportunities.


For example, students who major in such fields are art, dance and music may have very difficult times finding quality work in these fields. As a result, many settle for jobs in retail, security or other careers.


4 Year Degree and Respect


A 4 year degree, the higher it is, may bring you a great deal of honor and respect. The dedication of time, focus, and effort in obtaining a degree take determination, especially during times of pressure and possible loneliness that comes with university life.


Getting started with a blue collar career isn’t anything to be ashamed of. The 4 year degree experience isn’t for everyone. Obtaining a 4 year degree or going to a prestigious college doesn’t prevent an individual from experiencing a better quality of living.