January 2017

Many classroom reform advocates are under the assumption that classrooms are better off separated by gender.  They have even conducted studies. They, along with many teachers and administrators, believe that a classroom consisting of only boys or girls will produce

Verbal aggressors are types of students who can create an atmosphere of intimidation and chaos. As a result, aggressors make other students feel highly uncomfortable.  Verbal aggressors are unpredictable.  Because they disagree with everyone’s ideas and comments, they put teachers

A participatory classroom discussion is one that gives every student an opportunity to briefly express his or her opinion or ideas without using too much time.  However, a dominating student takes a significant amount of time to express ideas, either

Constant classroom interruption will render your teaching ineffective and make your classroom less productive.  Negative interrupters will challenge your ideas at every turn. Their attitudes are extremely defensive. Often, they doubt that anything you say will work for them. This