October 2015

The controversy over school uniforms reigns on. Many believe that school uniforms aid in the education of students while others believe that uniforms interfere with the expression of student identity. The students believe the latter. Purpose Administrators may enforce the school uniform

Best Academy, Harvest Prep and the New Mastery School are a system of Minneapolis charter schools designed to bridge the achievement gap between socially disadvantaged student and their successful counterparts. Best Academy, chosen as one of the best schools in

In today's society, the American education system is in need of extraordinary teachers who care about the academic success of the twenty-first century school student. Many inner city as well as suburban students finds themselves in unfortunate surrounding involving drugs,

The career of the timid teacher is always in jeopardy. She is too scared to take control of her classroom and too soft to confront the negligence of administration, if necessary. Her students are aware of her softness and the