10 Essential Qualities to Spot in Effective Teachers

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The end goal of an effective teacher is to help establish, in each student, academic competence, knowledge and courage to be a progressive citizen designed to confidently participate in transforming his home, workplace, and community.

If you are a parent who heavily participates in your child’s education and who desires the best possible education for son or daughter, enroll him or her in a school where teachers are passionate about educating your child.  An effective teacher always keeps the children in her classroom at the center of attention, regardless of the various pressures that might have to be endured.

Ten Essential Qualities which define an Effective Teacher

Mental Qualities


The first thing students should see in a teacher is a sense of cheerfulness. On the first day, students should feel comfortable enough to approach their teachers without fear of being snapped at in some form or another.

Teachers should never start the school year on an author ITive note. A threatening atmosphere is never a good learning environment.

Purpose driven

An effective teacher doesn’t leave students in the dark.  On the first day, she lets them know why they are there and why she is teaching them.  All year long she works to establish a sense of purpose in every student.


Teachers who don’t know what is going on with the curriculum is unprepared to teach. Effective teachers explain everything and motivate students in the process of learning.


Effective teachers don’t give up on a rough classroom.  She keeps hope alive by believing that each student will grow and develop into an outstanding classroom model.


Good teachers are flexible in their instructions. If something is not working well, she doesn’t mind changing the routine and abandoning her normal way of teaching.

Physical Qualities


Effective teachers don’t spend most of their day sitting at the desk. The walk around constantly helping, encouraging and redirecting students to stay on task.  When they finally sit down, it is only for the purpose of transitioning to the next lesson.


In the classrooms of good teachers, the students don’t just set at their desks, listening to instructions.   They participate.  Teachers allow them to stand up, model and demonstrate ideas.  Students often come to the board to explain concepts and solve problems.


Having a system for everything is a priority of an effective teacher.  From the moment they walk into the classroom, students know what to do. Routines are well known.  Most importantly, this organized approach to learning goes a long way in training students how to prioritize their own lives.

Thorough lesson planning

Effective teachers make sure that students get the most out of a lesson.  Every concept is taught, emphasized and explained thoroughly.  Careful assessment is a daily norm.

Learning Environment Awareness

Good teachers are aware of how the learning environment affects learning. So they are always arranging the room, rearranging the desks and chairs, removing and replacing wall materials to suit the learning process of their students. The purpose is to create a pleasing learning atmosphere in which students are able to focus and absorb knowledge.

These are the essentials of an effective educator.  When educators apply these qualities, their classrooms, and schools stand out from the rest. And students learn at an accelerated pace. Parents are constantly encouraged to get involved.